Features that should be added

So far me and my buddies love this game, but we have noticed some things that we think would make our experience better.
1) At the end of expeditions have a report type deal pop up to show things like most damage, healing, and etc.
This to me would be awesome due to the fact you can compare what your doing to others and it allows you to critique your gear setup to be the best possible.
2) Add health number inside the health bar
I feel like this would be a very beneficial addition as you would not have to guess the approximated damage needed to kill the other player or NPC.
3) Swimming or being able to run though waste deep water.
This is a big one because areas like Weavers fen are very hard to navigate due to the mass amount of swampy area and lack of being able to swim or run though it. NPC’s on the other hand are able to due this with ease and prevent you from kiting when trapped between them or water.
4) Add company boards to towns.
As a company leader i have had a hard time recruiting members to join my company and I’m sure many others have too. If this were added a company could just go to the board add a recruitment poster for any traveler looking for a company to click on it and pm the owner or send some type of notification that they want to join.

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