February DEV team update?


I was very curious to know if we are getting a development team update this month? In january they had it on the 19. It’s been over a month since we have been updated from them.

I know every player that saw the video last month really enjoyed it and appreciated it. It would be a shame to throw that away and stop doing the dev videos. It really pulls the community closer when we see and hear the developers themselves. I feel we have been left in the dark this past month, and it has scared me for the future of this title i’ve invested so much time into.

Thank you

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Saw a post from a mod yesterday that there is another video coming out soon and a roadmap but burner were ready enough to even say when…

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yep came out today! If only they could have informed us publicly there would be a video rather than a moderator posting on a random sub forum, that would have been best for customer relations.

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