February patch destroyed OPR

Huge desync/lag/stuttering after february patch
Riposte working 1 time out of 3, charachter stuttering after every roll or after taking hits
If you are caught on a gravity well/ice shower your charachter bugs out till you die
People teleporting everywhere

This could have been a great patch but instead they really destroyed PvP esperience in general
Am i the only one who’s experiencing this?


Same. My char sometimes glitch, freeze, desync. And its happend after february patch.


totally agree massive desync & teleport & insane dodge

this makes ppl quit the game


Game is literally unplayable in its current state. Sucks because the patch is actually good, but the desync ruins everything and AGS is being dead silent about it

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Desync is a fairly rare occurrence for me.

For trouble shooting purposes I’d love to see a thread that consolidated info for those who experience it frequently.

Physical location: Peoria, IL
Server location: US East
Server Namer: Kryoclea
Average players online when you play: 400
Average Ping: 30ms
Average FPS.: 55
Wan Connectivity: 1gig Fiber
Lan Connectivity: 1gb cat 6e
Desync frequency: rare
Modes experienced in: OPR yes, war yes, pve no
How many other people in household using connection: 3
Is your Gaming traffic prioritized: yes

Nothing new mate. Desync is on my table for the last 3-4 months

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dsync is still a huge problem

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This is why I am not even logging in for dailies etc. giving the game more time to get fixed. OPR was my plan but the performance is so terrible I just cant.

new ability queuing causes so many problems as well, weird stutters when swapping weapons, everything feels so clunky

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They really need to revert this patch completely. The fact they keep doubling down on things without testing is pathetic. The fact the dev team or anyone who works there doesn’t actually play is a huge problem. I hate to be rude but even the forums mods don’t sound like they play

Anyone else rubberbanding like crazy?

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post above so that the cm can see it

I’m on Delos I don’t think I’ve had too many issues with desync so far

Is this just worse in some other servers or something?

Yeah i said in January the overall game state of the game was at it’s possible worst. It kinda was due to low population worlds actually (on top of a broken game).

Well… with February update i got to move to a full server to only realise the game is even worse now that i get to play pvp more often than before.


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I know everyone keeps holding out that AGS will fix the problems but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. Not with the team they have in place. If this was a baseball team they would be named the bad news bears. Their workmanship is terrible. It’s at a level where most people would be fired.

Pretty sure these guys are just exaggerating. There are absolutely some desync issues still, and it’s far more blatant at times, but I don’t think it’s any higher than before.

Are you refering to PvE?! If so, then its not to bad, I dont desync at all in PvE just glich out if i dodge right after using an ability.

But in PvP is far worsr then in January… to the point were it is barely playable.

Abilities fire off by themselves, weapons not shaping, rubber banding all over he place to deth.

I’m not ganna say “it can’t get any worse” cuz im afraid it might…

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People have been having severe desync issues since the alpha. If they knew how to fix it, they would have. They can’t really come out and say “yeah, sorry, it’s just gonna be this way.”

The first two months after launch were fine. Sure there was a little bit of desync but it wasn’t really a big problem. The major desync issues started after the november patch. So it should actually be fixable, considering it was fine before november

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I liked combat better before the patch.

For some reason my frames dropped terribly, I had to lower everything to low in settings.

My bow feels much harder to hit than previous, I am relying on rain of arrows to compensate.

Lots of gliding around/rubberbanding.

A grav well or ice bugs you out so hard I punch my table.