February Update has a lot riding on it

Looking across the majority of the most active posts on the forums the past few days, everyone is feeling REALLY anxious for the February Patch.

I’m seeing any number of varying possible bugs, issues with bots, mechanic changes, … everything… members of the community are pinning for “resolutions” in the February Patch.

Which is landing in the territory of dangerous unofficial expectations.

We all know February is going to be a no-new content patch. I personally am happy to hear this.

But, @Shadow_Fox or any other Developer, is it possible for us to get a list of “issues” or “bugs” or even just areas of focus for February?

I want to make sure the community at large isn’t putting out unrealistic hope.

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Might want to grab a snack or make a tea before diving in.

That’s what I’m talking about actually. Thanks for linking that.

The problem is, I don’t think we can reasonably set an expectation that ALL of these “Known Issues” will be fixed.

February Update will be to focus on fixing bugs. Not focused on fixing ALL bugs.

I’m just wondering if we can narrow down the expectation a bit.

Right now, we’ll be happy if it doesn’t also field with more bugs that break entire features.

If anything they need to get the servers merged immediately. Too many players are left waiting on dead or dying servers receiving a completely subpar experience.


That is a valid concern as well.

Let’s take a few steps forward this month.

It would not be realistic to believe that every bug in the game will just be fixed in February.

At this point, we’re just really hoping for like the top 10 really bad ones, like the war movement bug, the invasion roster bug, weapon swapping, perks not working, stuff like that.

And hopefully they have a QoL team that alongside the bug fixing, they are looking into implementing stuff like a global reset timer, gear loadouts, UI, TP updates.

I don’t expect or even want them to fix every bug in the game, I just want them to slow down on new content and focus on making the currently existing content that we all play every day functional

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I already started working on a : Congratulation :partying_face: post for the February patch :laughing:

If February is the month to fix bots they should really buff fishing or at least put coins back in the chest.

It’s a worthless skill.

Look what a fisherman makes in gold with 200 levels, best gear, best pole, best bait, 3 major trophies and compare it to someone with 200 cutting doing dungeon orbs. Its comical.

Would probably take 5 mins of their day to do a small fishing buff or put coins back in the treasure chests.

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This is why I’m really thinking it’s important to at least get the areas that they are planning for improvement.

My fear is that helpful people on the forums, trying to bring ease to people’s minds that “oh well they’ll fix it in the February patch”…

But no one knows what they’ll fix, so there’s risk in bad advice being given and expectations being incorrectly formed.

Of those still remaining, not sure how many will even hang around another month for the Feb patch.

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These are mostly (and sadly) non priority bug fixes, really sucks to see them not adding more important bugs or fixes like war

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