Feedback #3: quality of life - Guild panel management

The support for guilds it’s rediculus. Please add:

A management tab: custom roles and privileges management
Guild description tab: Give the option to add a guild decription
Guid description visiblity: make a guild description visible by right clicking a guild from the list of companies.
Member list improvements: show the level and the region he/she is playing
Guild message of the day: it’s bugged you can not write anything because it triggers the commands from the keybord.
Add a log to show member joining and leaving the guild
add a log to show rank changes
add a log to show who deposit and withdraw golds
add an option to send permanent message to guild members (in-game mail)
put a button in the list to invite member in to group directly, right clicking the portrait to open the menu and then click the invite button is annoying.


Agreed with the fact that the company system could use some improvements, especially in the area of at least allowing to set permissions for the already present, predefined roles (which are translated into many languages, by the way!).

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