Feedback after 16 levels [Negative]


I wanted to drop a feedack after 16 levels. Why now not later? It would certainly look better to say that I got days or weeks of playing, but I doubt anything actually changes later on.

So, while not being affected by hype of new game, nor by people being blind or pretending that everything is awesome and we should totally play the game - I got negatives to point out.

  1. Queues - Of course we could avoid that. Team didn’t do that for some purpose. Huge minus. Worth mentioning that there is no reservation, so if you are kicked out, you might want to go for a long walk.

  2. Leveling of character and professions - After 10h of play I had 17 level while not even trying to. I literally did quests only and killed about 4 players while doing so. After I came back to town I’ve used materials I have gathered to pump up my professions. Here where the problem starts - I wasn’t feeling I did anything meaningful.

I had a level that didn’t give me anything to stick to. Nothing rewarding, nothing I could stick RP to, nothing at all. Suddenly my character just received number 16 and that was it. Professions and materials are the same, after reusing materials I found - herbs, food, hemp etc. I suddenly leveled 20+ professions. Looks awesome? But what is 20 profession level? I literally had to take part in activities that don’t matter. I won’t rely on those crafted potions, food or anything, I had to do meaningless activities to dump those items - I won’t use them at all, so again, we got Guild Wars type of crafting, where you do tons of actions just to get your number high because you want that sweet max level and nothing really matters in between (Someone can say that few of items matter right, but what’s with the rest? replaceable crap).

  1. Resources - Again, people are walking factories. If I can get 5 skins out of a rabbit, and there are(just for ease of argument) 500 players apart from me doing the same, we got tons of it and no one really needs it. But truth is we got 2k players on servers and many more in queues. We are getting enough resources for ourselves, our friends, town and other and that is only counted for one player while everyone is capable of doing that. Market is overflowing slowly till it won’t reach it’s cap like previously it did every time.

  2. PVP - So, If we say - Ok, screw pve, crafting and other things that are limited and boring, because you do a lot of meaningless things, we always got PVP, the bread and butter, so big wow and cherished by all streamers function. While it took me 10h to end up with the same disappointment as before. Let me explain;

Since stagger is out, pvp looks like in every other game. Literally. This means that you can’t do skill demanding, highly rewarding and building your own style encounters. I was paying attention to PVP and also participated in and if you play it a bit longer it doesn’t look so shiny and great, because it is boring.
Generally it’s fun but at some point you just end up doing same activity on and on and becuse it is not highly skillful, it’s boring and you need to take part in other activities in game( but as mentioned above, you realize they are also shallow and you end up reducing slot in queue)

At the moment, pvp if you are doing 1v1 is enjoyable to some extent, but usually, people want to have higher chances and they play 2-3 groups. This means that without stagger, you arent able to win a fight unless they are literally afk. Someone might argue but please don’t. There is no system allowing you to win if you use it and other person is playing at the same skill level than you. You can have higher chances tho if you stick to meta choices and cut out another part of game(few weapons) Example: 2 people attack you from distance, you can run away, but they got greataxe, warhammer, bow and anything else, even hatchet.

These players shoot you to slow you down, get to you and…you can’t outplay them. They run faster due to weapon choice, they got more cc due to weapon choices, there is no stagger so you can’t compete, you can’t block them to be secure because you got limit of stamina…they just need one CC and auto attack you to death. Can you do some magical tricks that I don’t see here? Perhaps yes. Is it worth the effort? - No.

A funny situation from today, 8 minutes of fight, because no punishing mechanics exists, guy was just running with tons of food so I couldn’t kill him fast enough, till his friends arrved…8 minutes of run fiesta is still a thing

As a final thought, I wanna add that many things were addressed by people but team barely responds to anything. No bigger discussion from devs about stagger, nor it’s replacement or anything like that. It also touches other problems that people stated many times like market sink for items/resources, or the apparently planned queue horror. It is a very dangerous way to act like typocal corporation and hide behind diplomatic news and posts from time to time. People want responses from you guys, talk to us.

Don’t understand me wrong, not a hater, just giving my honest opinion while not being a hype kid, or affected by any kind of hype.
I’ve decided to give this feedback before doing dungeons and other activities cause…if those didn’t change, I doubt anything else did. Plus my connection broke for few moments so I’m back at 2k in queue.


Yes, I really hope they bring back stagger; just as the majority of the people that I met in the game.

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