Feedback after several hundred hours played

So after several hundred hours and coming to this game as an experienced fps player and not mmo heres my feedback:

  1. Musket absolutely needs an a manual reload option in the settings. Auto reload is a big problem in pvp and even pve sometimes.

  2. Too much emphasis on melee classes in both pvp and pve, notably GA/WH. You need better class balancing.

  3. OPR needs to give the kill to the person who did the most damage.

  4. OPR beasts that are summoned are too tanky and should be half their current hp.

  5. Need in game GMs who respond to players in real time and can observe tos violations.

  6. PTR feedback must be listened to but ultimately you should know what’s best for the game. Don’t always cater to a vocal minority. It’s a trap many developers have fallen into.

  7. Need better end game content for both pve and pvp

  8. Enemy AI need more variety and use of tactics. Right now it’s mainly tank and heal.

  9. Reduce the amount of grind for crafting. The recent patch took it too far. Add content to the game at a faster pace rather than grind.

  10. Need more open world pvp that has consequences. This can be control over resources or whatever, but something meaningful.

  11. Invasions are done very wrong in this game. Rather than have an invasion be like a pvp match where the defending company is fighting them at a fort, let the enemy AI setup a camp outside the settlement where they zerg it for 30-40 minutes and players from any faction can help defend that settlement. Not everything needs to revolve around companies. Give solo players some love too.

  12. Bow needs a bigger hitbox or faster arrow velocity. The recent nerf imo was ok but didn’t solve the fundamental issue with this weapon.

  13. The heavy/med/light armor classes need more tweaking. A heavy armor individual should not run as fast as a light or medium armored player, it is game breaking imo. The fact that a GA/WH guy in voidbent heavy gear can chase down a guy in light armor shows the core mechanics in this game are fundamentally broken and need revision. Please address this asap.

  14. FIX YOUR NETCODE! OPR is unplayable as it lags everyone to a standstill. This is unacceptable.

I’m sure there’s more and I’ll edit this post to add to the list.


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