Feedback and some ideas on factions and quests

Hi everyone. Recently I bought the game on Steam and I would like to leave a feedback and to propose some ideas. First of all, as far as now I’m for a thumb down.

The game has a great potential and working on it might turn in a very positive review. I was suddendly captured by the tutorial and the world. World structure, gameplay, monsters behaviour are good if not excellent. I didn’t test the crafting system so much to leave a feedback, mainly because it seems quite difficult to produce anything of note at low level.

I bought the game mainly to play it with friends and the worst issue I found is about the faction quests and the main quests. Spawning in different locations for the tutorials can separate you from the other friends, that’s not a problem. It’s a problem when the questline evolves from the city you were linked at the beginning, so you have to move to other cities to help friends. Movement is quite slow, going by foot with no mounts available it’s pretty annoying and the fast travel should be improved.
The faction quest, even in the same city, are different for every member of the group. They’re farming quests but it’s pretty boring to face this kind of quest spending lot of time on them if you want to play with friends. This way discourages multiplayer PvE and points towards single player PvE. After playing just 2 hours with friends yesterday I was bored. Getting bored after 4 hours of game isn’t encouraging.
Solution: change quest system (maybe a party leader select the quest and the other party members automatically get it?), introduce mounts, review fast travel system

Another, really annoying, issue is the map. We had to look at the map everytime, that’s kinda frustrating. A simple minimap would be really, really welcome.

A minor issue I found is on sound: the healer’s chants made me mad. It’s weird listening to untelligible, recurring words in a high-pitched voice everytime… Also combat screams aren’t great. Pity because weapons and ambient sounds are fine and music is fine too.

Well, I hope to be of some help and to see some updates soon :slight_smile: keep on working, there’s a lot to do, the base is very good but not used in a proper way.

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