[Feedback] Fishing Aptitude.... Ripoff

Parcel of Fishing Materials

contains a mix of various baits…

Fishing is the least profitable profession especially since AGS forgot to revert the chest hotfix and there being no variety to chests but also becourse it takes longer to skill to 200 and thus also longer for aptitude points but it suffers tremendously since the parcel/crates only contain bait…

and then we take a look at the others who have a chance at legendary materials…
please fire the one in charge of fishing design.

such balance… i currently farm mining as it is the fastest to gain profficiency points with and thus reward box + gypsum…

They should ADD Exclusive Drops that can only be found in in Aptitude Chests, otherwise it’s flooding market with generic resources.
Already most of the items are consumed at minimal rate while supply of those materials/items are overtaking at very distinct rate comparing to consumption thus making most of the materials valueless.

I’m not sure why DEV blog didn’t mention anything about material consumption/suipply and Economy problems.



why cant AGS hire people with unique ideas like this ?

add something that makes aptitude worth it without flooding market which causes over saturation…

while at it, add a way to flex aptitude or combine it with luck as aptitude grows but make it worthwhile…

legendary materials can replace the corresponding t5 refined materials during skill training so they won’t ever be cheaper than the t5 refined material price.
Crafting mods are a different animal and can go to pennies

You could have just left it as “Fishing… ripoff.”

Fishing is just a massive waste of time right now. I could fish for a week and still make less than what I’d make mining for an hour.

200 fishing btw.

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i was dissapointed too and also didnt even received the 3rd crate

also look at stonecutting … useless stuff

I love the fishing in this game but it needs bigger, substantial rewards because it’s so tedious and low profit. I’m talking about high level elite chest kind of rewards, especially in the aptitude chests. The aptitude chests should give us legendary mats for other professions to use or sell or high level recipes or high level gear. This way at least there would be a point for doing it as it would complement our other crafting skills.

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If you think aptitude chests for fishing are bad, you should check furnishing. After speding ~2000 ironwood planks and ~800 orichalcum ingots to craft furniture to get 1 aptitude chest that gives 15 ironwood planks. The aptitude chest for furnishing is almost non-existent.

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Definitely need some love here.

As far as furnishing, when they listened to the whiners and removed the trophy parts from the chests, I dropped furnishing off my to do list.

Fishing and Furnishing need aptitude love.


Fishing plays out like a grind while every other professio flow naturally and you enjoy doing them. On the opposite, Fishing feels tedious and grindy. There is no progression or atleast it feels like. Progression and loot is not rewarding, from players viewpoint you don’t feel any progress made.

I can give you comparrison. If anyone played Runescape. Have you tried to Mine Iron ore in that game ? Imagine mining 1000 Iron ore. This is what you feel like when fishing in New World.

It’s very weak, not rewarding and a waste of time at the moment.

yes… recieving bait worth 1 min. of fishing up eels or snails feels like such a ripoff when all others get legendary materials… fishing has lots of legendary fish so why not a random one of those once in awhile or some coins at the very least.

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