Feedback: Fishing - Treasure Chests

  1. Please add more variety than only the gem stuffed chest, i would not mind getting an old boot or a piece of equipment or a recipe for food requiring legendary fish, perhaps even a feast requiring 1 of each type of legendary fish.

  2. return the coins to the current chest, it was removed as a hotfix to remove enticement for bots while catching them, this should already be done so please do not forget making the chests sort of usefull again. its so disapointing fishing it up as you already know its content and the content is worth less than 1-3 coins total…

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Id like to see this too

few things id love to see in the chests:

Gold again! fishing for gold was fun

cut gems

recipes and scimatics

message in a bottle

also can we have the option to like do more with our fish, maybe trade them in at the inn keeper or something for town rep or something?


That would be nice, either in the form of furniture or quest or both.
fishing up old fishing debris that can be used to give the hut more of a haunted of fisherman feel.

another fun thing would be fish up encounters u can fight if you fish in deep enough water so depth matters more and reduce fish size in shallow waters.

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