Feedback for: OPR, Musket

OPR - You gota do something with the brutes, they are way too tanky, do way too much damage, and last forever, literally just remove one of those three things, also for the love of god can you not make it reset health once it gets dragged out or is not in conflict. Make them last a couple minutes and disappear, no need for one team to go and spawn six perma brutes.

Musket - One thing… can you NOT make reloading take priority over EVERYTHING. Getting your skull bashed by a great axe/hatchet heavy armor player, and you gota sit there reloading your musket, no weapon swaps allowed… You can’t even use a potion.

Edit: Musket reload taking priority WHEN exhausted (out of stamina)


but musket can 3 shot light armor players, so what’s the issue? get over it

buddy, any weapon can 3 shot light armor players, you must not pvp at all


i’m curently leveling musket just to get it max, and this shit is the dumlbest thing, i can’t belive they launch the game with that shit in without anyone at AGS saying it’s not okey.
(and tbh they should either completly rework musket or remove it the weapon even thos it’s in line with the time period of the game it doesn’t fit the game.

They just have to add a pointi stick at the end of it change some spell so you have a close rangeoption with it and reduce the range / maybe not make it hitscan (or reduce the dmg if not)

And if they decide to remove the weapon they already have a comunity driven lore writed down. Player used all the gunpowder of the island while trying to level up to 200 ingener.

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With other weapons, they need to be in melee range. With musket they can 3 shots from a long distance away with no fall-off, and it is really hard to pin-point their location depending on the gems they’re using/ weapon tracing. It’s not a fair comparison.


First time picking up a musket, eh?

Like every other weapon, there is a learning curve. Managing your reloads is this one’s. Being hitscan, you don’t really need to learn how to aim with it.


The reference here you are using is still facing players in light armor… Medium armor and heavy armor you are not 3-shotting them. Trust me. I do not care if it took me 10 shots to down a player, musket is a long range weapon we both agree on that part based on your comment. So why make a jagged/non-cancellable animation just to reload. Put the reload as a timer, or hell start the reload again when I switch back to the musket. No reason for it take priority over EVERYTHING. Also whatever the greataxe is right now is not even considered melee range, that garbage is medium range, leaping a mile for a basic attack that still “3 shots”.

700 hours, about the last 300 are with musket. Three wars today and I was number one for two of them and top three for the other one.
Learning curve and managing your weapon is nothing new. But please tell me why it is a brilliant to keep reloading the way it is.

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I’d be fine if they wanted to rework the musket, they could nerf the damage to the ground and I would still use it.

Also I recommend going to the mines NW of Everfall, there is a big rock you can stand on and one shot all mobs with a musket, tentacles too if you hit them at the top. Can prolly do lvl 1-20 within couple hours there.

put the reload as a timer is a quality of life change I can agree on, but that would be considered a buff, nobody want a musket buff rn excepted musket players.
The initial statement talked about light armor, you talked about light armor, hence I talked about light armor.
Great axe is medium range on cd, musket is long range, it’s shot is not cd base. GA has a huge advantage in capturing the point however because it’s range is within point. I can see the cons and pros in both weapons, I am simply pointing out the wrong comparison.
With that said, as a light armor player, I rather deal with a GA than a musket anytime of the day.
As a side note, I also want to talk about weapon clunkiness overall in New World, and I believe they all need some form of rework in regard to that, musket in particular is too clunky for me to enjoy (speaking as a long-term fps player). Make the weapon more fun to play in exchange for something else. Hence I agree with your last post above this.

haha this was actually very funny.
On the topic at hand, musket is already OP, no need to make it even more powerful. All weapons are suffering by being stuck in animations. It’s bad game design but it is what it is…

Man… learn about “swap / sheathe” reload on musket.
Also that reload stuck is occured by exhausted only, so manage your stamina.
I hate it too cause other weapon doesn’t have any similar penalty.

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2 Shots i need if all goes well and some bow players can even oneshot me with 8k hp

The only buff i want is a proper crosshair, remove or replace ammo counter away from center screen.

You think the game needs quality of life changes? Well it does lmao. As already stated, they can nerf the musket for all I care if this is something they implement, I will still be top dog.
And no, the “initial statement” never mentions light armor… The initial statement was never about armor, its about a long clunky animation, also a brute in OPR that no one wants to talk about.
The point isn’t even about greataxe players either, but my god they can use a nerf too, I can win OPR games without any abilities and just auto-attack with greataxe. You are an active heat seeking missile. A light armor roll does not even get you far enough away for another greataxe light attack to leap towards you, also they all run heavy armor cuz thats “meta”. Amazon devs just need to play the game. Nothing is smooth about it.

On a topic about clunky animations, and you tell someone to learn how to swap/sheathe to perform a clunky cancellation. I am surprised you didn’t say swap/jump. 80% of the time the game will tell you that you have the wrong weapon out and you will be stuck reloading a rapier… Yes amazon devs please tell me about how dodge/sheathe/swap is a great intended mechanic. Every weapon can swap when exhausted, every weapon can attack when exhausted, except for musket… It needs a change. We agree on no weapon has a similar penalty for that.

No way we are agreeing to just say “its bad game design, but it is what it is” its a game feedback post, not a game let me rub your amazon dev feet post.

You are missing the point. If they remove it for musket, they will have to remove it for all weapons. It is part of the combat design.

What exactly are they removing from musket that they will have to remove from all other weapons. Are we moving the “Bad game design” to “combat design” now?

I was trying to keep calm all this time from game release. I was ironic on all that shit from devs. I was continuing to play, learning, changing my specs, adapting to new craft nerf, etc. TBH was very hard to me for many times to keep calm. However.
Few days ago I was again watching on my musket reload animation meanwhile GA(any other melee weapon) was crushing my skull, I was again desperately trying to swap my weapon to rapier and use riposte. And obviously next I was waiting respawn cd.
After OR I`ve closed game in silence and from that time was not logging in.
You have megaturkey boss, dude!
Congratulations! :partying_face:

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