Feedback for: OPR, Musket

Everyone is trying to keep calm at this point, its a game that went from 1-million players to a game at a current 130k players in only two months…
Might just have to change the topic to greataxe at this point, it does insane damage, basic attacks get a lunge/leap, and because they are definitely 300 strength, they will have the unstoppable perk so they can not be stunned/swept/bashed. Even if they don’t wana nerf/remove any of those three things, then they need to just give other melee weapons the same leap/lunge the greataxe has. Greataxe is a blindfold weapon, as long as your left mouse button works then you will win.

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GA is only one thing from many. Whole game is dysfunctional. It is not a small baby with problem of under itself pissing, it is a dying abnormal laboratory being which not able to survive in real conditions.
Fix GA and you will have hundreds of other issues. And core problem is game managing. Some executives are incompetent completely, but they rule the game. Due to that game is doomed not matter what.

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Big yes on the Musket reload. It has gotten me killed so many times. Might be one of the most frustrating animations yet.

Can’t weapon swap, dodge, health pot… nothing. You just slow walk and get rolled.

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During reload animation you still can type ‘Congratulations’ in chat, if you`re fast enough :partying_face:


Man, I was dying in OPR last night at people typing while running away from Gaxe/Hammer players.

running away - “leave me alone”

Gaxe - “Not even GOD can save you”

I’m back with a musket laughing my ass off :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I’ve been pvping since beta, have 10k total kills (unstoppable title or w/e,and probably around ~5000 solo open wpvp kills) but you’re not seeing where the balance is between musket and other weapons. I cannot 3 shot people at render range with firestaff, or the bow. At my optimal range I have to lead shots, musket doesn’t. Hitscan at any range isn’t hard, and to be doing the same damage as firestaff heavy attacks with consistent crits to light at any range is broken (which is a problem with the firestaff not the musket to an extent, I’m a fan of more dmg meta).

Regarding medium armor musket is fine. Against heavy armor musket is dog tier trash.

But to be doing this much damage to light armor at render range without having to lead shots is hilariously broken. I am 575gs, 50 con (7.7khp) with 3x resil light pieces, and I got 2 shot yesterday by a 600gs vorpal enchanted musket in under 1 second. I’m not sure if he was toggling aimbot but headshot me once then roll reloaded and instantly headshot me again during a roll (which was super sketchy, guy was just headshotting 24/7 so idk). and I’m not even sure if they were headshots, just back to back 3.6k crits.

The only way they could balance this is if they reworked armor pen on medium/heavy armor while somehow nerfing it towards light, but we all know AGS can’t balance anything rn.

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I really do appreciate this strawman attempt to change the topic from exhausted reload animation to just comparing damage/abilities. Again, not talking bout damage of musket, NERF IT TO THE GROUND. I will still pummel entire armies. I would enjoy everything doing more damage, as long as its SMOOTH. The comparison here is if you are exhausted (out of stamina), and also out of mana (can’t attack), you would not be able to swap off firestaff, but you can. The intended mechanic of not being able to swap off musket in an exhausted reload, (unless you do the totally intended sheathe/jump/swap mechanic, not overlooked at all) is the only way to swap from someone just pressing left click on you, in this example, a GA, is ridiculous.
Also food for thought since you keep bringing up 3-shotting people in light armor, how many fights are actually a render range fight, super minimal percentage. Compared to all these smooth brains that are using GA now(guaranteed heavy armor). Especially in OPR, which is endgame content, most fights are inside the outpost, which is close range. And for the musket sniper elites out there my god they blow and are useless, they get hit once and you will never see them again LOL. And we can agree hitscan is not hard 100% but lets also not pretend its super hard to serpentine and get behind any cover.

Keep having to delete message since replies don’t work, another great piece of work amazon

Light Staff takes 4

ur mom

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I’m responding to your comment towards me which was about damage…

Yeah yet, with 400 int with fs, it takes me 3-4 heavy attacks to down musket players if they don’t pot, and I have to be 30 meters away and charge all my attacks, while leading with projectile, luls.

Yup. I am still trying to understand how to properly get this build perfect. I run light armor with damn near the same GS. There are always a couple of guys who two-shot kill me almost instantly. Meanwhile, it takes more from me. I have respec and got different armor abilities and everything. Higher damage musket with the proper gems. I also have Emeralds in all my armor to reduce the thrust damage on top of the 2 resil armor pieces. Light armor just doesn’t protect against a high tier musket I think. so it looks like I’m going to go medium and use the Rapier for mobility.

Feel like the same couple guys that snipe me in 1 or 2 shots just seem questionable. I will be trying medium armor tonight. I would be curious as to how everyone’s musket build is with attributes, & armor.

The reason I told about “Learn sheathe / swap” something is cause you wrote OP as “Reloading take priority over EVERYTHING” while it is only occured when you are in exhausted status.

I couldn’t get it as you simply talking about clunky reload, cause I usually sheathe, swap without problem, except hit by massive CC spam. (Yeah, I hate whenever I reloading as active skill, while trying to evade, fleche, because weapon swap input is ignored)

Are you talking about “Active skill reload”?
In this case, agree.

(Video example here)

Well, that’s all. Nothing offensive.

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They can’t balance musket when there are exploits. They can crouch and make every shot powder burn. With the armor perk it applys a slow. I’m not sure if the next bug is related. The slow does not go away upon death you have to log out and back in.
If you notice after each shot you move slower and slower that filthy musket player is %100 exploiting powder burn crouch exploit.


Big circle we go, you brought up damage, not me, not the point I am making. Make a new thread talking bout damage if you want. An FPS player should have no problem leading shots with a fireball that almost 1 hits light armor.

I understand what you are saying, I will make a simpler point. Why can every weapon either A: Continue to do damage without stamina, and/or B: Swap weapons without stamina. Musket can do neither. Unless you are timing the instant reload/dodge to when you run out of stamina, you are stuck reloading practically til you stamina bar is full again. Even if you were to shoot the instant reload shot w/o stamina, you are stuck reloading for the remainder of the three seconds or so.

yeah this is why you still have no clue what you’re talking about fireball doesn’t even 50% light armor 0 con anymore lul, but ig lets go back to movement.

If you meant “fireball” as in the heavy attack? yeah it still requires 4 hits against light armor 0 con now without crits.

Yeah. I hate that too, I already made OP for it that one, 5 weeks ago.

*Mentioned on “2. Suggestion” part.

Either they should fix musket or give similar penalty to all other weapon.

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almost every musket in OPR can sit on render range, lmao