Feedback for: OPR, Musket

that first clip is hot

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My god, its so easy to tell when someone loses their argument they just try to tell you that your dumb, thanks for the super-valuable input, yes me, I have no idea what I am talking about, I don’t PvP at all. I know nothing, Please teach me oh great one. Feel free to scroll back up to the screenshots I posted of yesterday wars too. I will post an image for you and hopefully you can read the numbers cuz you don’t seem too bright, but I will give you a couple screenshots, since now you want to specify crit damage over normal/heavy attacks and abilities.

The point goes right over you head on this one pal, how many fights are actually gona be at render range, ready set go!

This proves nothing? You said a fireball can 1 shot light armor. The first clip fireball is taking out making 1/5th of their HP second clip shows a 2880 hit. What’s the problem?

Also the first clip is either from pre-patch, which is a double hit POF, or a pillar of fire into a fireball crit, or it’s a fully buffed pillar of fire crit, into a fully buffed heavy attack crit, which is has no business proving your point.

Second img looks accurate, which completely disproves your claim.

Almost every fight in OPR in favor of the musket. Or almost every fight in wpvp in favor of the musket, continue?

Great post, checked it all out :+1:

Damn it must suck when you unironically agree with me by arguing against your own point. Please remind the class how much health a light armor with 0 con has? I will save you the time but its about 6500. This person is clearly not 0 con then since you already noticed it took 1/5 of their health bar. Alright can you now tell me what 6500 divided by 2880 is? I will save you time here again since you are not bright but its 2.2. I hope you are smart enough to realize burn does the last remaining .2, but I will give you a good-job noodle star anyways. Here is another image of a basic attack doing the same damage and again, only taking about a third of the health.

What is his point about damage I failed to follow it. 4.5k+ crits from muskets with 360 damage per fire tick.

Why is fire staff even in this conversation?

Great claim you made! Almost as good as all other points you do!

But you still said “almost 1 shotting light armor”. Which, to my NA math knowledge, 2880/6500 lets say 6800 cause everyone has a health amulet now, is not “almost 1 shotting”.

Thank you you still haven’t made any valid points.

He claimed that fireball almost 1 shots light armor 5 con wearers, which simply isn’t true.

I literally play a 400 int 580gs 594 keen/ench firestaff build and his claim is false, lol.

Oo nice one! Now you switch it from 0 con to everyone using a health amulet! God man you are embarrassing yourself. Please tell me the next closest number to 1. And now say “almost one shotting”

2880/6500 still isn’t almost a one shot.

Just take the L.

A bow pen shotting me (7.1k hp) for 6.8k damage, is almost a 1 shot.

Your most recent one about everything favoring musket, yes because the earth is flat and now I am at full power, It is the same as me saying, everything favors firestaff, open world favors fire staff, dungeons favor firestaff, OPR favors firestaff. Please look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that was a brilliant point that you made.

another false claim. I also never claimed everything favoring musket, I said, and I’ll say it again, musket should not be outperforming firestaff at close range (which it does rn), because it is a maximum hitscan range weapon.

No L’s here Mr. Slippery Slope! Do you want more screenshots? Pretty easy to find. These are without crits btw

Hold the L high for all to see thank you

You said I’m embarrassing myself, but, fireball cannot crit. Stay mad IG?

And now we are back to the circle I mentioned early, the post is not about damage, please make your own post with your own shit points