Feedback for Tradeskills - Make tradeskills fun and interesting

Tradeskills need a major overhaul in this game. I would like to give feedback about the major issues I see with crafting, refining and gathering and discuss ways that Tradeskills can (and should be improved). Everyone who has done a little crafting in this game knows there are major flaws but I have already seen disagreements over possible solutions.

The biggest issues IMO for Tradeskills are Tedium, Lack of value in products, and Inability to Specialize.

So what do I mean by Tedium, people might argue that crafting should always have some tedium to limit how many people reach max in a given Crafting skill but in New World most people would agree that the Tradeskills are dull, tiresome and monotonous to the point of creating negative fun. Games should always be fun right? But refining always requires the previous finished product at higher levels (except Alchemy!!) which exponentially increases the time required to craft higher level items as well as the dull monotony of gathering. Of course this also ignores how this devalues the higher level raw materials because you ALWAYS need iron to make steel/starmetal/orichalcum so there will always be demand for it whereas as time progresses higher level ore becomes easier to obtain and therefore has no scarcity and then by extension no value. I have seen people drop platinum ore on the ground because the weight (which makes traveling more expensive) is not worth the value of the ore, I have dropped it myself as well as starmetal ore on the ground. This adds extra steps in gathering and refining that eat up play time. This doesn’t even touch on crafting where you make 1000s of items that you immediately salvage because they have no value.

When I say there is a lack of value in products what I mean is that most things you make until you reach 200 in a given crafting skill are worthless because the materials cost a lot more than you can sell the finished product for. Part of this problem is that drops are plentiful in the green and blue range, and then purple when you get into higher levels, so why buy something when you will get a drop to replace it shortly. Secondly is that items never are permanently broken. So once you have a weapon, armor piece, or tool you dont have to replace it until you want to. Now I don’t want to start an argument about whether or not weapons and armor should break, I know that people are very opinionated about this and it would not really be constructive to discuss that here. I just want to bring this up because it adds to the issue of crafted items having little value (except the level 600gs items). This only adds to the tedium of leveling tradeskills too, it isnt fun to salvage everything we are making as we level the skill and get a few materials back and some repair parts.

The last thing I want to bring up is the inability to specialize and what I mean by this is that everyone (given time) can reach 200 in a given skill, acquire the trophies and have access to the crafting food to increase gear score. There is no choice to make, no cost and no benefit which I think adds to the fact that many people are unhappy with tradeskills in New World. How can you be a renowned crafter on your server when anyone else can do the same and there is nothing you can do to differentiate your product esp when every craft is a roll of the dice to see if it has the attributes or perk you want (cause you can only use one mod!).

Now I want to discuss solutions. First, I want to suggest that a Mastery is added for Gathering, Refining and Crafting. Each being a separate Mastery where all the skills of that type are made into Trees. That way if you want to specialize in being a Miner, Smelter and a Weaponsmith you can. This would also be a way to divorce Attributes from Tradeskills which would give more freedom of choice to players. Some of those Attribute perks could be put in the respective trees for Gathering as well as other perks. So maybe you have a perk that makes Smelting require less metal ore or one that increases the chance to make additional ingots. Here we can have perks that could increase your base GS for a specific Crafting skill or allow you to use two mods in a recipe so you can guarantee you get the perk and attributes you want on an item. Also, why aren’t our names on stuff so I can make Spears that say crafted by Sturmcrow on them?! I honestly don’t understand why Tradeskill Masteries weren’t created already. For a game that seemed like it wanted to emphasize player crafting it really dropped the ball here.

Secondly, why do we have to go back to low level zones for Rawhide? Skinning any animal should give some Rawhide. We can find Hemp and Iron all over but have to go back and compete with low level players for Rawhide. If we must use low level mats to make higher level refined materials then we should be able to get them anywhere and the nodes in high level zones should drop more. Currently, the value of mats is that Iron ore, Rawhide and Fibers are valuable and everything above that is not. I should not be traveling around, see a Starmetal vein and think eh why bother, or even better, I mine it hoping for gems etc and then throw the ore on the ground. Please make it so that we can get more of the low level materials from the high level zones so that we are a) encouraged to go there for the material instead of running loops in Everfall and Monarch’s Bluff and b) are rewarded for being high enough to access those harvesting nodes.

And third, I hate repair parts. Why when I break down a crafted item can I get some metal, or wood or cloth back but not for something I picked up from an enemy? I wish Repair kits weighed nothing and were the main way we repaired items. To do this though we would need to be able to craft Repair kits from either materials or crafted items. Instead of just breaking down all the swords I made it would be nice to take them and just make a Weaponsmith’s Repair Kit that could be used to repair any weapon of the appropriate tier. Or use some Sateen armor pieces for a Weaver’s Repair Kit Tier 2. This would allow crafters to turn in all their excess of crafted items into something useful that they could sell or use. Also it might mean that regular crafted items would have value to others since they could make Repair Kits out of them. Same for tools, if we could repair tools by using up a tool of equivalent tier suddenly there is a market for them, no more would it just be oh you bought your Starmetal Pick and now you never need to get a new one. So my suggestion is to allow us to use crafted items in some way to repair, either by making Repair Kits out of them or like Minecraft just squishing them together and getting durability restored.

So to recap; tradeskills are dull and monotonous with little use for the products you make until you max the skill (with the requisite food and trophies), even then it is still a crapshoot whether or not a given craft is going to be valuable or worthless, and with no way to make your crafted items stand out from others.

Give us Tradeskill Masteries and either include perks in the trees to make refining require less low level mats, fix the recipes to require less low mats or make low level mats also drop in high level zones (why should I have to go back to Brightwood to farm Rawhide?!). Let us (reliably) craft items that people will want to buy!

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