Feedback from a returning player

From launch till march I put in like 1500 hrs into this game. Ill preface this with… I love this game, faults and all.

The straw that broke the camels back for me was mutations and the multiple consecutive bow nerfs and wrong direction. You can tell from my forum history im a bow main. So that was a big deal for me.

What ive learned from coming back is the combat is WAY better (partly because of the bow buffs) but for other weapoins as well. Like, its more responsive and fluid and just wonderful. AGS has done a bang up job listening to the community and smoothing that out.

The main thing that is weird to me, is just hoooowwww muuuuchhh damage mitigation there is. Which then leads AGS to creating things like the shirking elemental perks… which then creates a whole new gap for new and returning players to cross.

So right now the game journey looks like this.

First you get to level 60.
Then you get 600 GS.
Then you get a full set of resilient, we can start with voidbent and work from there.
Then you get to 625.
Then you flesh out full shirking fort / resilient and make your set.

Every step along this path dogs the people in the step before it. This patch has done a really good job at addressing the gear imbalance with all the buffs to crates and cast. Like that was a good idea.

But going back to dmg mitigation. Its weird that light armor in full shirking fort / resilient is taking less damage than heavy armor people with out that. That just… is weird. Im hitting some heavies for 1400 per light attack and some light armor im hitting them for 750 dmg. That’s bizarre as f. THEN if you give the light guy keen speed. and shirking elemental spell, and the two players arent even playing the same game at that point.

Maybe everything is great and AGS thinks this is the way it should be. Cool. If thats the case, make a game mode where everything is normalized and you get to build a build thats only used for that game mode.

Oh and another thing. WTF do we not have a load out system yet.

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I second this. I used to pvp all the time, now as a returning player, i avoid it where i can. We the not “loyal” players are only there to entertain the minmaxed guys who didnt stop this game.

Oberal pvp become big dopp poopo, ppl can boost dmg for 50% and same time boos max defense…;D

just going to leave this here since this is yet another thread that connects to mine…

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Aeternum welcomes you back. :slightly_smiling_face:

We appreciate the awesome feedback. I will get this forwarded to the Development team to review.

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