Feedback: How to incentivise open world PVP + more fun

Open world PVP abbreviated as “ow-pvp”.

Instead of using incentive “buffs” that create unequalised dynamics in varied scenarios that are out of player control, i.e – whether players don’t flag and have NO buff, or who do flag but happen to be in a less advantageous group / faction / server dynamic. Additionally certain players will rarely flag anyway, with or without buffs.

  1. Equalise gathering + loot luck for both PVE + PVP flagged players. Remove this new buff + remove exclusive mining, harvesting, lumberjack sets and allow luck only on tools + foods + trophies. So all groups can benefit from it, whether PVE or PVP geared/flagged or not. Trophies being hardest to obtain and biggest boosters for extra luck, but irrelevant if PVE-ing or PVP-ing.

  2. To encourage increased ow-pvp. Add exclusive rewards for open world PVP engagements, e.g per # of eliminations or X time spent in skirmishes. Rewards such as;

  • Gold per elim (healthy amounts)
  • More tokens than from quests (per elim + per revenge-elim),
  • Azoth per elim (good chunks)
  • Custom craft mods that are useful in both PVP and PVE, but are exclusive rewards from ow-pvp. That can be sold at auction.
  • Custom titles, skins, dyes and cosmetics exclusive as ow-pvp rewards.
  • Repair kits
  • AND generous drops that are prerequisite mats for expedition orbs! Yes another route to get orbs is to engage in ow-pvp and not only boring corruption zerg portals! Make these mats sell-able on auction too!

This would incentivise (even more so) the long wanted ow-pvp dynamics, a mini game within the whole game while not disrupting the PVE players who may want to just chill, chop and farm for that day. It can also make exclusive ow-pvp players self sufficient in their gold / mat needs from this activity. And players don’t need large wars or companies for this dynamic.

Also making certain territories (at certain times) provide bonus rewards per ow-pvp, can spice up variety of battlefields and grounds where this may happen.

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