Feedback: latest update

While mutations are great, they where implemented poorly.

by poorly i am not referring to its design or how & why but rather based upon the contents of the patch it came with and what came before.

  1. people such as myself can enjoy 600 GS gear which ignores expertise

expertise would be fine enough if it was based upon drops and the ability to raise gear score slightly above the craftable cap.

but… now this cap functions to scare away new players as they start with a handicap, furthermore since expeditions or rather keys to them where designed by a ***** it encourages people to pick a group to hang with and rarely ever diverge from, or look heavily upon gearscore even tho impossible but people know how to record or screenshot.

these handicaps scare off what should make an mmo, not only is fresh blood cut off as less new players will try once they notice the handicap. but even less will want to continue knowing the bottleneck. honestly speaking you hired the worst designer on the market who didnt do basic research…

  1. allowing to increase from 590 is a rather odd pick, although the reason is max skill quest reward weapons.

but why not remove the cap ? people would need a massive amount of resource yes but we would get more diverse looks of gear and gear from lower dungeons that look great will see some use.

  1. all in all… you should hire a competent proven designer rather than a nobody who didnt even learn the top 10 most common mistakes mmo’s had within the last 2 decades… i mean that quite literally as we have seen a couple very easy to avoid mistakes… one of which is still present such as the backflow of coin to a simply ludicirous level and without economy logs or control…
  1. Grant companies economy logs & control

Logs: simply display when, who & amount… quite simple

Control: first lock manual transactions from company treasury, secondly add a control panel where the company can increase existing reward’s such as town board, invasion & war by a set amount or percentage which is then directly withdrawn from the treasure, this can be set for all, own faction and own company along with benchers who are active from start to end to participants.

if you earned 10 coins for a town mission before you would now earn 15, where 5 would be from the company, this encourages players to focus other towns based upon rewards rather than only location.

  1. gear upgrades should apply to any and all items, it would require more yes but there is no reason not to as it is a needless detail new players wont know not to mention it serves no purpose other than making gear below 590 worthless…

  2. expertise shouldnt limit or reduce gear scores effect, it should only affect drops, and upon reaching 600 you can then use it to raise items to slightly above the craft/drop cap. 625 currently.

  3. expeditions should not require a key, rather they should require a monetary donation from all participants, if all who join a dungeon require 250-1000 coins as an example then the cost is covered. furthermore i would suggest a buff for playing alongside at least 2 other players you didnt do an expedition with that week. this encourages inclusion of new players.

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