Feedback: Luck on gear "terrible design"

Luck as a stat on equipment is simply put a terrible design.

This creates a forced temptation upon the playerbase which causes a forced perception on every item piece you created which does not have luck, is suddenly worse by comparison.

while luck helps you progress towards the future and earn more funds, going for equipment with better survival or damage perks instead which is great for team bot not you is never done… even those who are not selfish would since there is absolutely no inspect and thus no comparison or judgment…

it can be accepted for gathering as you do not participate in group activities but currently people carry the one set they play with and then 1 resource gathering set.

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Didn’t understand exactly what you meant entirely but I just carry a crappy set of green gear luck with me when I loot chests? Same thing as harvesting.

essentially you should have it equipped moment a target dies as well.
problem is that loot luck should not be as essential as it currently is but rather in the form of buffs like the pvp buff or from food or trophies so players will focus perks for their dungeon & raid gear that matter for performance.

luck system is bad because its not used as a progress system … with or without luck gear u get the 20% luck bonus from maxing a proffesion that it is rly bad… that should never be the case… i should have x amount of luck to get gems for example…bu right now i get gems with and without luck bonus … and that is killing the economy… i get legendary drops from harvesting mining without luck…

for example to get legendary mats from orichalcum i should have 80 luck that way the gear works as a progression system to work for and get rewarded

Forcing players to wear luck to get gems would be an even more aids system. I like luck being something that’s in the game but not required…

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why?isnt it normal to have luck gear to get a rare drop?

No, it’s normal to have luck gear on to have better chances at getting that rare drop. Not to gain access to it.

you both misunderstand :slight_smile:
i am talking about loot luck not gathering luck.
while gathering is done usually alone and each node being for 1 player at best, loot luck such as for gear forces players to wear worse equipment or sacrifice a perk slot for the need of loot luck.

it is the same thing tho

I didn’t misunderstand you. And I agree that’s the way it should work. Luck should be worn in sacrifice for better chances of receiving better loot.

No it isn’t…access = able to drop
Chance = access with or without luck, but higher rolls in receiving it.

they work similar but are different in both nature and result.

what other perks ur gather set has doesnt matter nor does its armor type
for dungeon and elite zone farms it can change a lot, u could have fire reduction or corruption resistance. or light / heavy but due to luck a lot of times they will pick based on highest luck stat. or have full set with luck rather than x amount extra perks for dmg or dmg reduction.

yeah i agree with that… was one of my points on the feedback i gave .they need to rework armor tho to set luck as a secondary perk not a main perk …like have a diferent stat under the main perks that change your gameplay…
like have main perks like x ability more dmg …x ability less cd
and under all of them have secondary stats like luck or durability extra gold azoth from monsters and so on
like diablo 3 armor

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that would be ideal, having it as an “extra” perk outside norm perks would resolve the issue as well.

So you’re asking for 3 perks on purple only with luck? And 4 on legendaries?

i think he means having current perk count be “primary” and then have 1x “secondary” on equipment which can be any type of luck.

Right so, +stat, then 2 perks you want then another luck perk if the item had luck?

no …thats bad… game needs to have 2 type of armor. one type with perks that u ca use in pve and pvp and another for farming and gathering
having mining luck on a legendary piece of armor its bad.that should never happen …
but having luck for monster drops and chest its good because u can run that in pve expeditions and chest opening that are inside pve zones

have under that secondary 2 perks … this item is legendary and can hold 2 secondary things like durabilty luck exatra gold and so on