[Feedback Megathread] Revamped Starting Experience & Greatsword

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a thread to track feedback focusing on the Revamped Starting Experience and the Greatsword.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

You can find our upcoming PTR Bug Reporting Thread here.

As a reminder, we are solely looking for feedback for the upcoming PTR, not the Live game. Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the Greatsword and the Revamped Starting Experience in the PTR out of this Megathread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

See you in Aeternum!


It doesn’t make sense how the boars got on the boats next to the beach. It makes more sense if corrupted are. Also, can characters introduce themselves?


I’m at level 16 via Windsward, and so far this is 900% better than before. The quests are genuinely interesting, there’s no meaningless running back and forth, I’m getting loot that is generally useful to me, Isabella talking in your head is awesome and OMG the critical lore pages have voiceovers.

Minor quibble: introducing Corinth as the name of Windsward capital is unclear at first.

Greatsword - maybe it would be too hand-holdy, but the Path of Onslaught passive damage triggering on a character with nothing felt a little difficult for those first bosses.


The whole experience is so much better! Its not perfect yet and can still be polished, but its so much better than launch. The quest in Monarchs where you blow up the pirate ship was epic!


I want the whole team to know that on the EU PTR people were freaking exited and positive. (myself included)
i’m level 14 now, and I have such an amazing time.

The quests are fun, engaging!
The truffle guy with the fallen cart, I mean its the freaking “my cabbage” guy from the last airbender.

The new camps, the new mobs, I was getting shieldbashed by a mob, stunned and I was like, WTF just happened?

This is truly the way to go! I wish my first experience with NW would have been this.
The build up at the very start with Isabella in your head is a great move.
This will give a whole new dimension when u finally meet her in Isabella’s lair.

There are u few nitpicks here and there.
@Luxendra : It would be awesome if you could take the weapons and shields laying around the camps. I know its possible since u had this at the beach a few versions ago.

Secondly, a bit bigger nitpick, the quest markers…
I get it, you guys want to make it a bit more easy for players, but this just ruins the immersion, keep the blue glow, but let me at least search for them. This feels very Korean like.

Overall so far 9/10.


First and foremost I wanted to say that this leveling experience has been about 1000% better than what is currently on live. Everything about this experience is so much improved, the enemy types, the layout of the towns and areas, the great sword, the fluidity of combat and movement, the direction of the quests, the fully voice acted dialogues, cutscenes etc, everything has been absolutely wonderful. This will absolutely spoil me going forward because once this experience stops I’m going to be very disappointed with the experience afterward. I hope that you guys are going to work feverishly at ensuring a revamped leveling experience all the way to level 60. It is absolutely brilliant work that you’ve done so far. Please make this happen all the way to 60!! I can’t remember being this hyped over an MMO for a very long time. Bravo!! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


First impression is the game is heading in the right direction. Much better overall experience. So far feels more professional. The general new player awe has a much sweeter feeling.

On seeing the great sword (a weapon I like) I think it looks slightly too large. Not had chance to really test it out, so will give more feedback once I have it.

Monarchs Bluff looks amazing, the visual improvement is stunning.

The new quests flow much better and with the additional voice overs just added that extra layer of interest.


Honestly I’m blown away by the changes.
This is exactly what I wanted all this time, but I was afraid it was too late to make this kind of changes.

Love the greatsword, even if it’s not my usual weapon to use I’ll definitely use it on my main.

Love the new design for maps and towns. Everfall looks amazing as a bigger capital. Haven’t been to monarchs yet. Even windsward was slightly upgraded I think too, no?

Love the new npcs, the new stories and quests. I read all of them and feels like a much more lively world in general.

So cheers on this future uodatez it’s been amazing! I’m at lv 16 now working on the WW quest.

My only issue is that this revamp only takes to lv 25 or so, so for the rest 35 levels, it will feel really different and much worse quality when playing the game and leveling a character.

I really hope the idea is to upgrade/revamp the whole quest line.

Congratulations, for real!


I’ve only hit level 10 so far but it feels nice, Isabella speaking to you, having npcs move around, the quests (including many side quests so far) leading you forward instead of back and forth.

The second cutscene was a pleasant surprise but I don’t think It was intended to be there. It made me wish for more though. The cutscenes in this game are beautiful and with the great voice acting they really help you understand the story better. PLEASE add more cutscenes, even just a couple more throughout the current story would be enough to drive interest.

The npcs movement could use a little work. I may try to post a clip about it tomorrow but I’m sure people already know lol.

The greatsword feels pretty good all around but the one thing that bothers me about it is the way it’s held. If it were a more normal sized greatsword then the stance makes sense but some of the skins make it look like a monster Hunter greatsword and holding it up at your side doesn’t feel right. Even some of the attacks make it feel like you’re slinging around something with a tonne of weight but your character just holds it like it’s an average longsword.

Really good stuff so far P.S. more cutscenes plz.


I broke the MSQ.

I went from Geiser to the Priest dude and while the dialogue was open it closed cause I hit the wrong key. Now the priest dude is ranting about waiting centuries. No biggie reset quest, but now Geiser wont talk to me besides his default dialogue even though the quest says talk to him. Thought maybe getting the tablet pieces again would fix things, but no, geiser is still not talking to me. Have tried logging out and back in etc.


I haven’t heard a single negative comment about the new experience in game chat or discord. For real I am disappointed my character doesn’t get to do all the zone stories at lower level. It’s all FUN.

Greatsword comment: Too big, it looks like it belongs in a Korean MMO. It just doesn’t fit the general game aesthetic. I think the same of war hammer and great-axe, but this is actually worse.

Thematically I love the risk/reward of the weapon design, and it feels much smoother and faster to swing than WH or GA. However, even granted every game makes new things OP for a while, it may be too OP coming out the gate. It’s fast, does great damage, great defense, has great sustain… it’s like Barbie in that it has everything.


Greatsword: some of the stances look like they came out of a Fechtbuch or treatise. The hanging guard is spot on for Tallhoffer, I’ve a screenshot of it.

My issue with the GS is the art. So much of this game is just gorgeous, are you holding back the art that has been created for release, or is this “It”? Doing a quick run through of the crafting station, so many of the models are either identical, or cut and paste with a different colour.

Stumbled upon a random teleport puzzle in Everfall, really appreciating the open world variety since the update.


I love everything about the greatsword. Only thing I dont like is the way you hold the sword when you are not in a stance. When you crouch with the sword you hold it over your shoulder which looks 100x better. Please consider making that the default animation.

I did an arena and 6 people running around with the sword pointing up like that looked so stupid.
Make it like this please: https://i.imgur.com/ikJvkXE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7EqRVHJ.jpg



Had a enjoyable experience playing the first hour. Submitted in game a few bugs i ran across lile floting notes in towm, and mobs stuck in walls.

The Good

  • Questing feels wonderful compared to before. A simple change tbat brings the game to make more sense from a player standpoint.

  • New cities are fantastic

  • New Great swords are fun and easy to get used too

  • Easy to navigate startinf areas and questlines interacting

The Bad

  • Great sword is to big. Alot of this I think is fixable by alternate body sizes and sword sizes to fit those models. Not all humans are the same size nor weapons on RL. Maybe something to consider.

  • To much xp for doing little but im sure thats just for PTR sake.

  • Quest markers are jarring. A ingame recticle like a arrow would be better than the massive icons that distract

  • hows level 25 to 60 going to feel after this revamp. Might chase players off when they get to the grind portion after such structured story


Day 1 PTR Feedback:

So far I’ve been amazed at how different the starting experience has been. The leveling experience and questing experience feels so much less tedious and less dependent on filler activities such as running back and forth between points to talk to NPCs. The quests themselves, although not the highest tier of quests I’ve seen in MMOs, have been quite refreshing and enjoyable. Especially by comparison! Seriously amazing job. Keep it up. The Isabella voice moments are perfect. I finally feel like there is lore and a plot to follow, an antagonist! Instead of just doing quests to get to 60. I appreciate all of the voice acting and that it finally works now instead of being silent or only reading part of it.

Really enjoy that leveling so far at least seems
to be completely doable with the main quest and no longer is there any time in between where you are forced to do other content before the main quest can be continued (although this was worse at that lvl 40 and 50 main quest lul). At the same time nothing stops someone from wandering off and doing something completely different if they wanted to, a true open world MMO feel.

As a player who has been playing since launch and is 625GS multiple times over, I finally feel that I am getting lore! It’s crazy how little I knew despite completing pretty much everything and having so many hours of game time.

Fighting enemies feels really cool and love that some of the enemies use actual weapon skills, the AI definitely feels improved and fighting feels more dynamic and interesting.

Greatsword is a ton of fun so far, no complaints.

I’ve encountered a few minor bugs. The NPC not saying a word or getting cut off when speaking, I was wandering around and then suddenly the intro quest restarted, placeholder bugs, incorrect icons, voice acting repeating itself and breaking immersion, etc. Nothing big and I’m sure can easily be fixed and I reported it as it happened.

I’ve literally been like. Holy shit this feels so good now. Many company members are saying the same thing, so it’s not just me. Trying to be a critical as possible to improve it further but the main response so far has been, “DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN”


  • Would love to see all journal pages be read to the player. Would love to pick up a page then wander over to a gathering node and collect it while it’s narrated. Love how this has been done for some of the pages in the main quest so far.
  • Noticed there are some test dummies at the Iron Rose Fort. Just a small opportunity to let players interact with the world around them and for it to feel a little more dynamic.
  • Add more NPCs and small touches to towns to make them feel more alive. This obviously has already been done and is a vast improvement but always room to expand upon this. Such as the woman sweeping, etc.
  • Monarchs is just phenomenal. Everfall I’m mixed. Some of the houses feel kinda oddly textured or it feels out of place (new houses), then of course there are buildings that have not been updated to the be style and it feels very much out of place. Don’t really feel this way in Monarchs, but Everfall getting a clashing feeling.

Have plenty more thoughts I’m sure that I’ll try and add as I think of them or as I continue to test. I’m currently level 13/14 or so right now for context.


That’s my thought exactly. This has been wonderful but worried because if I remember right the level 40 and level 50 lul were the worst. Being told that you couldn’t continue the main quest and forced to do other things was rough. Hoping to see that revamped a TON.

I like the idea that the main quest if you do it all the way through gets you to 60. Which you can branch off and do other things or spend a month gathering before returning if you wanted to, but it isnt forced. I think that would be ideal personally but know everyone has a different take on it.


The starting zone feels so much better! I love that all the quest have voice acting, and the flow of the quests feels better, it felt a bit odd finding the boars on the boats though.

I think the name Corinth should appear somewhere on the map? Instead of just Windsward Capital. It might feel confusing to new players if it is referred to as Corinth and then has another name on the map.

I love the updates to the town.

As for the greatsword I will provide more feedback as i keep testing it, but at first impression I do not like the look on the weapon it feels HUGE, please consider adding different skins that change the size.


I want to give very positive feedback about greatsword mechanics and new “ultimate system” from tank perspective.

Finally you gave to tanky SnS tanks secondary weapon that they can use fully.

Right tree of greatsword has very good combination of defence, CC and team utility (aoe pull effect).

Add to this aoe root from new “ultimate system” and WH/GA or BB/IG bruisers very probably will become not the only useful frontliner builds in mass PvP.

I am looking forward to test tank with SnS+GS. In theory it looks very tanky and AT THE SAME TIME very useful for raid in mass PvP.