FEEDBACK not that you devs care

First thing, you have completely managed to make this game unbalanced, you are catering to the melee classes and totally fucking over the mages. not only did you take away the damage from the Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet, you also Took away the ability for a mage user to be able to defend or get out of sticky situations.
for example: Burnout im supposed to be able to use this to either get away or get through enemies. Wrong all you need is a shield wielder blocking your path and guess what you cant go through him.
Example 2: Burnout Great axe, lets put you into a gravity well and keep you locked down for 5 seconds, burnout is NULL does not work in this situation either it keeps you inside gravity well and you once again cant use it to escape.
theres 2 examples of you dip shit devs catering to the sword and board crew.

how about giving something to the mages, for example ice gauntlet, increase the slow from ice strom from 25% to 50%, since you wanted to reduce the damage tics, and also increase that time of ice storm to 10 seconds since you have taken away some of our damage.
and for Ice Shower you should increase the Root from 1 second to 5 so we mages have something to rival the Great axe and Hammer stuns and roots that last 5 seconds.
and for Entomb, the damage should be increased back to where it was, if you going to take away our defense and damage you need to either give back the defense or the damage and stop taking away everything a mage has to be able to self sustain.

Another thing, do your jobs, BOTTERS are taking over the game. ive reported bots over and over again the same bots days in a row and yet they are still out there taking our resources and making life difficult.

I would love to see a DEV actually reply to anything i have said above, and give a explanation for all of these unfair changes that have been made to cater to the melee crew and what are they going to do about the botters.

i would love to be a GM if your hiring i would take great pleasure in getting rid of botters as they piss me off.

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