Feedback on my PC Specs

Hello everyone. Can anyone tell me if my PC spec is too weak for this game or mostly alright? I tend to stutter a bit on OPR which I think may be due to bottleneck in my CPU? Hope someone knowledgeable with this subject can comment thanks.

Edit: also one reason I asked is that when I try to use Geforce Experience to recommend a setting for me, it recommend all low settings and even lower resolutions than 1920x1080 into 1360x768. Although I could generally play it decently at medium settings for pve

Your GTX 1060 is a single generation above the recommended specs for the game, and the i7-3770 is also a single generation above the recommended specs. Of course GeForce Experience is going to recommend medium to low settings for the game to run smoothly. Even then my rig with an RTX 2070 SUPER has the gpu fully taxed from game launch to game close due to how unoptimized the game engine is.

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lmao sorry mate but the stutter is not exclusive to you, everyone has it

it’s just what the game has become, thanks to AGS


A lot of my teammates do not experience it though and some of them are on high settings. But their specs are significantly higher than mine with RTX3050 and above gpu.

3GB on the 1060 is just not enough (IMHO Nvidia should never have sold these). If you had the 6GB model i doubt you’d have the same issue.

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Yea I did read that 4gb and above are the minimum with newer games nowadays. I took a hiatus on gaming for a few years and only went back to it during the pandemic hence my old computer haha.

I am thinking of building a new PC but I read GPUs are still overpriced despite coming down a bit from its high last year.

Am actually planning for these specs:
Asus Strix B660 Motherboard
Intel core i5-12600 CPU
Asus RTX3050 GPU

I have only recently started doing OPR and really liking it whenever our server is able to start one.

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