Feedback on Salvage Update

First off. EFFING WOOOOO?! Very excited about this update. I know some of this might already have been considered and sitting in the future PTR notes, but I wanted to make some preemptive thoughts and suggestions to ensure they have the greatest time to be considered by the team and either integrated into the update or ignored haha.

Salvaging different rarities should give a differing chance at a perfect salvage. Salvaging named items outside of expeditions should give a higher chance as well regardless of their rarity.

Salvaging crafted items should give a SIGNIFICANTLY higher chance at a perfect salvage and if 595-600 should give asmodeum back instead of orichalcum ingots/applicable crafting material. Again only for crafted items in this GS range. Salvaging crafted items desperately need to feel better.

For the legendary crafting components with no current use/little value (broken hatchet, shared sword, etc), perhaps they could be guaranteed perfect salvages or a high chance at being a perfect salvage and considered the same tier as salvaging a legendary gear piece. As of right now, if they don’t make anything good then they swiftly become 1g or less and there is no sink for these items so they just pile up. Even the good ones over time eventually lose value as well. They become a disappointing drop despite being legendary. It would be cool to give them a use or some value and this new system is a nice way to do it. Also would be cool if they could be integrated into crafting more, in more generic ways.

More thoughts as I think of them.