Feedback on the servers

Hello AGS. Im going to start to say thanks for a great game that i truely love and i deply whant to sucseed.

But the servers / playgrounds need to get a higher focus. We should have merged for a long time ago, an empty playground is no fun even with shiny toys. I know you have alot to put your fingers on but all bugs was anyoing but this is game breaking.

When PvP was a bad place due to exploits and bugs we still could do pve stuff and enjoy other parts of the game.

But now, players are jumping between servers and that makes alot of problems. Servers that was medium have now become low or empty pop, server that was high have been overfilled.

And there is alot of issue when players move and find out that things they cant know happens on the server. Other guilds is in the progress moveing and so on.

My server “Wonderland” has gone from medium to empty. its a rolling ball and more players leaving every day.

Guilds are splitting up, players are just leaving in frustration since some of em used the token to move here.

I know you said server merge is on the “radar” but this need top prior and this needs to happen soonish. You are looseing customers due to this and you are keeping alot of uneeded servers alive.

Playing on a empty server is so sad in an mmo :frowning:


today is the first day I’ve seen them say stuff like this^ so that’s good news. probably going to happen soon enough

I agree all of the transferring is creating a mess and they need to do merges ASAP

More and more my wife and I are pleased we decided - both on our duoing pair and our soloing alts - to wait until all the transfer rush played itself out before making any moves at all.

Yes im aware of that post.

But on the horizon and “near future” also seems like they are dimming it down. Im just here to say this should be number 1 prio since this is a huge problem for so many.

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