Feedback to the Aptitude System

So, since i was curious i just pushed my arcane aptitude to 1 and thought i give some feedback:

  1. I think i should get the emerald gypsum everytime i reach 1/3 not only for the first daily i do this. Why: because it kinda makes it a waste of time and moeny to push more than 1/3 per day. Sure pushing aptitude on something like mining is probably faster and cheaper or on smelting but since i am already locked out of the progress due to the fact that i can only craft 1 orb every 22h i don’t get that much of a benefit anyway. Now i just feel like i lost something
  2. It is unbalanced across the trade skills. arcana was rather cheap (for now, on my server if anyone else wants to push arcana now he has to buy the expensive mats because i used almost everything on normal to mid prices)
  3. The rewards are ok
  4. Jewelcrafter is the only crafting skill that can not drop armor patterns…why?

Overall: i am not sure if it is worth the trouble in the long run, i think it also dumb that instead of a limited number of expertise pushes per day on any item i only can push every item once. For me that kinda takes the fun out of the system would have liked to be able to push f.e. my chest up to max today and then tomorrow something else ect. (just cap the max amount of orbs craftable per day)

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