[Feedback] - Transportation / Teleport

1.) Recall to inn cooldown needs to be lowered to 30-minutes. When I go out on mini-adventures to gather/kill, my bag fills very quickly but the travel distance is great. So I tend to need to either run allllll the way back or kill myself to get a teleport to town. A 30-minute cooldown seems perfect so we can go out on mini-adventures and have that recall in off cooldown by the time our bags are full. 1-hour is too long.

2.) Arcana tradeskill should be able to craft teleports using semi-rare materials so they can’t be spammed and so they don’t flood the market. Example: Scroll of Monarchs Bluff : Teleports the user to the town of Monarchs Bluff.

3.) Add a general perk tree that adds various minor buffs to certain aspects of the game. Such as gathering, crafting, and PvE combat. One of the perks could be to decrease the cooldown of recall so instead of 30-minutes (Which should be the base cooldown), it can be 20-minutes or something.

[NOTE]: I’m still on the fence regarding mounts. On paper, mounts sound great but they can have a very negative impact on the overall game. So at this point, I’m neither for or against mounts, I’m neutral until I give it more thought.

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