Feedback / Wishlist

Daily cooldowns

Would be good if these were changed to weekly cooldowns, so instead of feeling like I need to play 1-2 hours a day I could choose how I split my play time up each week.

Fix Gypsum drops

  • I got 9 Topaz Gypsum one day this week as I must of missed picking one up somehow, but after the 10th dropped even though I had only picked up 9 no more dropped.
  • Also we have the cooldown already on the craft why not let us collect more than 10 a day similar to the first point if I want to grind a few hours to collect a few days’ worth of Gypsum let me don’t make me feel like I need to log in every day.

I should want to log in each day not feel forced to.

Fix achievements :

  • My achievement progress numbers change almost every time I log in. Something in the calculation is not working. I know the territory discovery counter doesn’t work I have 17/17 but the counter can sometimes be 16/17 and at other times some random number our of 17. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it at 17/17 and I suspect this is happening for other achievements.
  • Don’t show hidden achievements on the suggestions section.
  • You fixed the re-occurring achievement complete messages in one patch, but they have returned please can you fix it again.

Out Post Rush

  • It’s so annoying when you enter Outpost Rush that you get all of your crafting messages and war messages etc replayed.
  • Would be great if there was some form of Ladder / Ratting System / Titles etc
  • Would be great if these were used to balance teams.
  • Would be great if you could balance teams based on weapons / attributes. So we don’t have those games where all the muskets are on one side and all the great axes on the other side.

Reduce Zerging / AI Retreat Exploiting

Get the bosses to lock their chests and require groups to kill the bosses to open the chest. This would limit the value of zerging and stop solo players exploit the AI retreat mechanic.

Aptitude refinement

I think some number tweaking would be good to ensure that all professions / refining / gathering are on a level playing field. Seems to me that some are much easier than others to gain levels in. I also think they should be harder to come by than they are now. Maybe diminishing returns after a certain number of gains in a period.


It’s annoying. We have global trade now so I’d lean towards having global storage but not sure. At the very least massively reduce the cost of transferring stuff between storage locations. I’d also remove the faction requirement especially when so many servers have such bad faction balance.

Solo Dungeons / Arena’s

  • Give solo players something to do outside of crafting, gathering and questing. Give us some rewards from these but ensure that group play is more time efficient.

Better Questing

  • More Quests
  • Better quests and variety
  • Voice all quests and text not just the first lines and not just some quests.

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