Here some recommendation that I wish it can be add in the game to make it even better

  1. Add “Rogue” systems , meaning that when that option is “On” you can fight your own faction + fighting other faction too , like high risk high rewards mechanic. with that option its will help those who wish to pvp alot
  2. Rework/change the pvp reward when killing other player, Im not saying that the reward should be higher but a less give maybe 5/10 golds and some faction token even if the player just put is pvp tag on. Its ok to get alot of exp/reward from a player who as is pvp tag on for a long period but after he get kill its should still give reward regardless.
  3. Add a way to “pre-order/save” items from the trading post, like when you wish to purchase something from the trading post , you should have option to “lock” the items so it give you time to go pick up at the settlement trading post
  4. Add a ways that when you salvage a items its unlock the skin of the items so you can customzie your character , many time green and blue have better look that purple armor

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