[Feedback]Voidgauntlet scream root

Root is by far the strongest type of CC. Once you are rooted, you cannot dodge, you can only block. and block is not reliable in this game.

more and more players are running voidgauntlet for the scream, and now you cant use your abilities, or dodge. people can dodge walk out of any other cc. you can dash out of gravity well for example, or if you get stunned, the cc is broken once you get hit, and any other cc doesn’t last long enough. but root from void gauntlet being over 2.5 seconds is a little overpowered.

healers are already hard to kill, and now they have a tool to root you in place for that long, and do dmg, break your defenses. ou guys nerfed ice gauntlet for the root and tthe rend dots… but then you guys gave void gauntlet the same thing, but easier to land and more dmg, and a better CC??? on top of it it also has a perk that denies healing and removes food buffs…

I really think the ROOT should be a stun instead…


Let me guess, u are GA monkey with Gravity Well?

Gravity Well = 3s
Scream = 2s


gravity well = jump out of it, charge, burn out, fleche = out of it.
root from scream. you sit there and take it.
and 30 seconds cooldown. not only gravity well has many ways to get out of it, it also has twice the cooldown.

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Can i see, how u jump inside Gravity well?

Burn out - Fire staff
Fleche - Rapier
Charge - GA monkey

GA monkey know about 12 types of weapons in NW, how about them?

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Don’t cry. They’re fixing the food buff issue. Yeah it’s probably hard to kill healers and/or anyone else if you can’t even spam left click with a g axe and kill them. Should probably just quit since everything ever is overpowered other than your shiny great axe. Scream is nothing compared to gravity well clubfist troll.

Like clockwork the Great Axe lemmings come out to complain as they realize they can’t just spam click against the void gauntlet. Who could have predicted this…


Dont cry?! lol, every GA / WH monkey say that and keep crying at forum to nerf other classes that they can’t kill with braindead tactic of lcm spam! Try to use SHIFT button, lol!


these 12 weapons also cannot get out of void gauntlet root.

more like void gauntlet spam click after the root. great axe actually takes more skill.

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Whenever a game introduces a new weapon it’s op for the first few month. Nothing unusual.

Lmao Great Axe takes 0 skill and the fact that you think it does shows how little skill you actually have. With VG the only ability you would spam click with is void blade but even then there’s more tactics involved with it than a Great Axe player can mentally handle. You would do 3 quick attacks then thrust the rest to maximize healing, this sort of play is far too advance for a Great Axe player.


Let me see… ohh surprise!! It’s a GA/WH Crying Baby asking to nerf healers again??

¿Can you please stop asking to nerf other weapons? If you are a good player and doesnt have nothing to learn… you would probably do better to ask about improving the weapons you use, not to nerf others ones.

There is a simple solution to this, assuming you’re running GA/WH like 90% of other players. When you get rooted, swap to your hammer and stun everyone around you. Problem solved.

How long to people discover purifying toast perk

What if you could just block or dodge right as scream is cast, wouldn’t that be a great fix?

Have you tried, dodging the scream? I know it seems like a hard concept, I am too a GA/Hammy user, swapped over since my server has 1000 musket players. I enjoyed musket prior to the buff, and it feels overly tuned now, but not the point. You can literally just dodge the scream.

This is nonsense.


that is info for us to know, and them to…just stop talking about purifying toast god damnit

Imagine if the scream had like a 500ms wind up that was super telegraphed or something crazy like that, crazy thought.

Can’t do that anymore since 1.1 where have you been? The jump out anyways. And btw I was fighting another VG with my VG and I used my heavy attack to lunge out of his root.

It is really very easy to dodge though, more and more people are learning it all the time. And to compare it to gWell which has insane range is laughable you have to be humping someone to hit the scream reliably.