Feeling Disheartened About the Game

Using phone to type this up so forgive some typos, I will proofread at another time.

Firstly I want to say I love this game. I haven’t felt this excited for an MMO in a long time. This game does a lot of things right. Atmosphere is the one thing bringing me back. Action combat is another one. But this post isn’t about what works.

The things that work would be enough to allow me to ignore the bad things in the game for most games, however, not for this game.

I feel disheartened with end game content now that I’m a recent lvl60 and how I wasn’t apart of the early rush to end game content that was farmed for weeks even a month before I had a chance to get there. People were duping, people were benefiting from groups who has duped. Yes they’ve handed out bans to those who did dupe but how much of that was followed to the point that anyone who benefitted got dealt with? So those people that have indirectly benefitted are still ahead of the curve but still in the game.

These people permeate in all areas of PvP. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was only a few of them, but it’s likely more than the devs want to let one and I have very little hope in their abilities right now. Cheaters got ahead and they’ve gotten away. Maybe not the majority but there are more than just a few that are sitting in their high castle looking down at all the ones who legitimately played the game.

I think the whole MMO element to this game is what’s gonna ultimately gonna be its downfall. It has always felt contrived and forced. What purpose does leveling serve in a PvP game? Where is the skill in playing the game 20 hours in a 24 hour cycle? MMO gamers always race to end game. And look what the MMO types have done, they’ve exposed the lack of polish in this game and wrecked it for 500k people (games peak had 700k players, now it’s sitting at 100k). This trend is going to continue to grow until they lose the MMO elements and make this game PvP only as it was always intended to be.

I don’t know. Hard to feel positive about this game where cheaters haven’t all been dealt with. I’m unable to farm what was able to be farmed before because it’s been made harder.

It’s like the devs don’t respect our time. Even with the increased haste for running on roads isn’t fast enough. It takes 15 minutes to traverse a small portion of the map. Azoth pinch is putting on the squeeze. Gold is hard to come by. Dead severs means less OPR.

The incentives are just too little. Game is too grindy. And very little rewards once you hit lvl 60. The game has lacked a unifying vision. So they’ve made things ridiculously slow in hopes to maintain our attention. But really it just annoy and make me feel disheartened by the fact that they don’t respect our time.

I will give this game by the end of the year to see if they can turn it around. It’s too short of a time for them to really. So my time in the game is fading.

I feel they should create new servers that are PvP only in order to right this ship. Create better rewards that gives gold and azoth. Or lose gold altogether and make it only azoth as the games currency.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this.

Happy grinding.


I am willing to wait for them to iron out bugs and improve the game – but not while cheaters of all types are profiting.
Leaving them in-game will only promote New World as a haven for cheaters.

As for PvP – sorry, but most cheaters and cheats and exploits were for PvP and in PvP and by PvPers.
PvP is the problem. Only if they instance all PvP, completely separate it from influencing Settlements and overland, does New World have a chance.


I think the 1-60 levelling process was fine, but it was just the lack of content and variety in farming end game gear and stuff, especially PvE content. Doing Myrkgard/Reekwater elite chest runs every day gets old fast. Meanwhile the crafters get all the benefit because the game is skewed towards crafting as the more reliable and efficient option to obtaining end game gear, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and feels very grindy as well.

I don’t agree with this because PvP that has lasting effects on the overland and settlements is what makes this game unique and is a major selling point of this game, but I do agree that there needs to be further ironing out of these cheats and exploits in the game.

Yes. It was a nice experiment. But it’s obviously failed.
We’ve already seen that as soon as there’s a cheat or exploit, it immediately falls apart.
Whole companies quit because of PvP cheating to steal their hard-won Settlements. This is enabled by PvP cheating and exploitation.
And then Governors just run down the settements and take the money to another Server. This is enabled by AGS allowing Transfers and even giving them away for free.
Then Servers get emptied. Like we have right now. And then nothing about player-controlled Settlements work at all because no one has the coin to sustain upgrades.

Even servers with some population and a Company trying to keep a Settlement afloat doesn’t have enough coin – weeks back there were posts about Companies trying to give up settlements because they can’t afford it. But now the new tactic is just collect the coin and leave the server.
They might have been able to sustain a nicely upgraded town with server-wide cooperation (you know, like real world civilized countries), but guess what? PvP undermines that.

The whole system sounds nice on paper but there are enough assholes that it will never properly work as intended.

Experiment is over. Back to reality.

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It’s not working in its current form. It hasn’t failed completely, but needs to be revisited. Right now we have PVP and PVE, but they exist sort of beside each other, not really working together.

What we need is game events and mechanics which will create a symbiotic relationship between PVP and PVE. One needs to support and power the other. PVE players need to be not only limited to farming and crafting but also have influence on towns and zones. PVP players need to be not only limited to wars and OPRs.

There are ways to achieve that, but it would require serious rethink of some fundamental principles and redesign/re-development of several core features of the game. Which I can’t imagine happening overnight or even within the next few weeks, or even the next quarter.

Good post. But this quote is more important for me and probably for you. The 1.1 was not even close to be fair to the new 60 and Its not my case being a 590+ GS. But affects me and my company aswell, we are losing early “60” for life or boredom, but much more sad we are losing the new 60 that were cleary excited. Our company entered with them in their hype which for us early 60 was great, but now, Its all gone the company will probably dismantle and our server is dead. Only crafting is there to do something and expeditions just cant be done. Thats it, the game is in a really bad future situation.

If you take the dupe situation that even the early 60d suffered to counter the super buffed companies, makes everything worse now. The game benefits people with bad character and oppress skill based and hard work players.

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AGS making things grindier didn’t/doesn’t help anything. It creates an artificial feeling of commitment to a game. They’re not playing it because it’s fun, they’re playing because there hasn’t been anything else to play. Now there is and people are leaving in droves.

If they’ve focused on making the game fun and rewarding then there would be less to criticize. But instead they went with an approach that shows a lack of respect for peoples time. Insulting.

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