Female Skins (not top priority like fixing bugs, but cmon)

So, another free skin just dropped and I went to check it out and ehh. I like the graphics on it but jeebus look at it on my female character:

I guess Winter is coming?

For comparison, here is the waterlogged chest that I’m wearing now:

Granted its not the most beautiful piece, but I can at least tell slightly more that my character is female.

Some of the other skins that are in the shop/unlocked via prime loot are okay and are a little bit better than others, but everytime I go to look at the store, I just go “meh”. Nothing seems to look right on my character. And even the very few I would consider (maybe 1 or 2), I don’t like the colors and you can’t dye skins… My partner who plays a male character bought one of the skins and it looks awesome on him, and i’m sure that this new skin will look a lot better on him too.

I know that there has been discussion around this already, and there was this from a post([Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2):
“We also believe strongly in player expression and giving players a wide range of options, looks and styles to choose from”
“As for character creation looking further ahead we have a few plans for how we can expand the available options as well as offer new ways to customize your character. Our goal is for players to be able to create a character that they can relate to and that fits the personality they want their character to convey.”

But please don’t do this stuff on the existing models, or at least make it so you can easily apply it to new models. I don’t want to get in trouble for sharing screens shots from it, but anyone who has the deluxe edition of the game, flip to page 5-6 of the artbook (Steam\steamapps\common\New World\Art Book). Definately a lot better than the choices we had making our characters (and I know this is an artbook so it’s all going to be beautiful renditions etc etc, but you all did see the faces we got to choose from…). I don’t know why, but the characters you see in game aren’t as …detailed/“nice” looking? as you saw on character creation. Maybe someone can explain it to me or maybe i’ve done messed up a setting somehere but my settings are medium with a nice monitor, plus i’m a bit tired right now so have pitty on me. :slight_smile:

Also, I know there are more important things right now, like getting those poor souls off dead servers, fixing broken game mechanics & bugs, etc etc. But once all of the really important things are taken care of please give us more options and don’t paywall it behind a cash shop purchase. Put a barbershop type thing in game and make it cost gold or even spend some faction tokens to buy a plastic surgery coin haha.


TLDR: skin options on female characters are a hot pile of ‘meh’. after fixing important stuff, please rework character models & give us better options & greater customization to choose from that we have right now, character & clothes.

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