Feminine Skins Needed

Can we have more skins that look feminine? It would be nice for the female players.


yes pls


Feminine character model would also help.

helps with making the game more appealing to a female audience, my wife absolutely hates how her female character looks like a dude with long hair.


Yes please! I was so excited for the summer event because I thought we would get cute summer style outfits. No. We got death metal. :slightly_frowning_face: I think the skins look cool, but I’d love something a little more feminine.

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I understand that there’s not that many female players let alone many players in new world compared to before, so I’m not going to get my hopes up.

Isn’t there a Chefs outfit in game already?
(I kid, I kid :P)

Same with my GF. She is always asking why there is no feminine attire, or even player model/animation. This was one of the first things we noticed when we started playing on launch day.

I would be welcoming to see our female brethren with a new animation and some feminine attire.


Yes. Need’s more of a Tera touch

I hope we get more variety indeed.
I just hope they don’t make it gender locked.

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I’d prefer if they gender locked it so that woman can have nice things too. Women in mens outfits do not look bad, but men in womens outfits looks fashionably crippled.


As long as it matches the aesthetic. I’m tired of games where everyone’s standing around in bikinis, schoolgirl outfits, and fetish gear. I’m not offended by it, but it just gets old.


Totally agree.

depends on the gear.
I just dont want to miss on cool outfits because they’re female only. when many times a guy could wear it. it happens in gw2 all the time.

there was a massive thread a long ass time ago

still nuffin.

Thigh high shorts with tops that have a diamond cut out to show cleavage, along with full dresses do not belong on men because the outfit is designed to accentuate the female anatomy. Allow women to have outfits exclusive to them. Outfits that are clearly feminine biased look ridiculous on male toons (not to mention immersion breaking, outside of empowering trolls who use feminite attire on men specifically to taunt, we should not be empowering trolls).

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So you’re rather take away options from others? that’s not nice at all.
sure some people will troll, but that’s always going to happen, no matter what you allow. there are already some weird things ingame, and we do have some kind of dresses which can be used by male toons too. So i doubt they’ll limit it this time, and I really hope they won’t do it.

absolutely. The concept of anything goes, let people do whatever they want is a complete fallacy and does not work in game. It creates division, not unity.

Allow women to have their own clothing, unique to them. Allow men to have their own clothing, unique to them. This is not to say that all outfits are gender biased, but ones that are clearly “cut” to accentuate a specific form, should be gender locked.

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they look ridiculous to you. not to everyone. it’s just that simple.

I foresee a forum vacation in the future.


They look ridiculous to most people. It’s just that simple.

Excuse me?