Few suggestion would be nice to see

Hello everyone,

At start, sorry for my English.

I hit endgame and was thinking how developers could change the game to improve.
Everyone know that’s market board is dead and everything gonna be worth 0.05 gold soon.
It’s bad.

Mainly we use money for upgrades towns.
So main resource in the end is money.
Why we don’t use materials to upgrade cities?
Let’s say make some Town “Bank” that gather materials needed to upgrade things.
Example to upgrade Forge we will need to spend some Gold/Iron/Platinum Ingots and so on in high amounts like 5-10k?
Similar we can do with forts upgrade.
I hope that can balance market a little more.

Next one would be nice to have Guild Storage and a Guild House somewhere in the city or outside of it.
That is so difficult to try to meet everyone in guild to give something. Why can’t create a store for guild? But please, don’t do it 2k capacity.

Would like to see training grounds for guilds.
Where one guild can make pvp between members.
I know you can duel someone, but what about 10vs10 or 20vs20? Can’t do it.
Not sure anyone of you played before Silkroad Online where you could wear a cape to “belong” to one color and fight between another colors on fights.
Few colors that you equip with mates and fight other members from same fraction.

There are many cities would be nice to use it, right?
Traveling between them walking and protecting VIP or to trade some materials.
With pvp turned on or pve with appearing mobs that try to stop you.
This way we can make extra gold with successful mission.

Next idea are presets button for equipment.
It’s difficult to find all sets like mining, gathering, pvp, luck and so on.
Why don’t make option to equip set with one button?
Would make it a lot easier and help us.

So let’s bump up this thread and hope Devs can see it and use some of ideas.
Feel open to discuss
Have a nice day

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