Few things since Brimstone updates that I think would improve user experience

  1. Healing circle should glow differently in OPR, the friendly healing aura should be blue, the enemy healing aura should be glowing red, squad circle should stay default green.

  2. Transparent name tag in PVE arenas, especially Siren Queen, melee player’s name tag will block the majority of the boss’s body and make it really difficult for ranged/healer to see what she’s doing, especially since one of her ability is to throw a lock-on spear at the furthest player.

  3. Allow people to make counter offers for equipment on TP, similar to an auction but only the seller can decide whether the item remains listed for the current price or sell it to one of the offers.

  4. Remove T5 pots from chests and mob drop. make arcana great again.

  5. Fishing rewards need an immediate rework, this one is so easy, come on guys!