Fextralife hits 100k viewers

Huge congratulations - massive milestone

Enjoy your captured audience. :slight_smile:

how many of those are from the wiki pages, who left tabs open, not to mention other wiki pages for other games not new world, they got that autoplay twitch player there, so you can not really tell how many of them are actually watching, viewer numbers dont mean much on this channel


He was so pleased - he gifted 100 twitch subs.

cause we all in queue don’t have anything to do but watch others play already being lvl 30.


Not only has he topped his previous record - he’s now hit 140k people watching the stream today and someone, a very generous sub-a-holic donated over 1400 tier one subs to the viewers.

It was an amazing thing to be watching.

‘Poggers,’ as they say.

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There is some amazingly generous people out there. Kudos to everyone, helping player’s get into this game or enjoying it, via streams.

Who cares?

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