FFS seriously, grav well triple hit ain't fixed?

Can’t say I’m surprised, more exasperated.


Devs won’t fix the most broken thing in game right now. Feelsbad


yeah they go nerfing the worst weapons like the musket, lowest dmg in pvp, useless in pve

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Because the Devs don’t take the players serious. A long as people complain while still putting in 4+ hours a day. The Devs will continue to neglect what the playerbase wants. AGS is at a point where they don’t have to care. Because most of you people are lost in Sunk Cost fallacy mode. So the Devs know they can get away with murder. And so they do.

It is fixed on PTR.

Already 3 weeks of this sh*t. I’m being insta-killed by gravity well on OPR all the time. Stopped playing because of it.

How can I take this game serious?

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Take the game serious. Hell, most of the MMO gaming community can’t even try to have fun with New World. It’s a hardcore Grinder MMO with some side elements of PvP. Without out the appeal that other grinders take advantage of. (Fun combat which has depth, great character customizations and visuals, and a huge variety of things to grind.) New World has none of that.

New World shouldn’t change course two months after release. That change in course went against what the majority of us brought the game for. And now New World’s player count is suffering because of it.

It benefits Great Axe, so it’s probably not on the front burner of things that need fixing.

Fortunately, most of the Great Axe exploiters on my server have switched to the Blunderbuss One Shot exploit, so the Grav Well exploit isn’t as big of an issue right now.

Well we are lucky it does not hit 4 times after todays patch xd

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Nah. Number of players dropped by like 95%+ is bc:

  • game was not finished
  • game had no endgame content
  • patches were breaking more things than fixing/adding
  • bad mechanics like: most toxic pvp clans getting tons of gold to get way better gear thany any other

and so on.

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