Figgy2shoes probably cheats - Ohonoo

I know that the “potato graphics” thing is apparently allowed, but what in the soft aim bot/whatever-the-heck-else he’s doing is going on here?

You might say that it’s some visual bug, but I only ever see this happening with this guy + the “phantom shots” actually do damage as you can see here:


sus? discuss.

Auggie69 probably also uses soft aim assist but I obviously can’t confirm. This post isn’t about them anyway.

sidenote, I like the musket, but I wish that it didn’t beg to be exploited.

Im a dumb ass for that ss yall it literally looked like an arrow instead of a leaf to me. Probably just me being mad af.

He’s still sus tho tbh.

What are you trying to point out other than you got hit by a musket lmao

How do you type while blind?

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Imagine posting on the forums about someone ‘aimbotting’ and in your proof they are missing most of their shots.

Everyone on Ohonoo is making fun of this for a reason rn. You got killed by a musket. Move on.


There’s a difference between soft aim bot and aimbot.

I’m really loving that him and his little friends are going to try to completely ignore that whole doubleshotting stuff though. Keep trying to derail it. you all just make it look more sus.

runs in straight line get hits once by hitscan weapon thinks he is cheating sounds reasonable enough.


completely disregards the video sounds reasonable enough

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First time?

When you get shot by any weapon with elemental damage it splits it between the physical and elemental. Your ‘phantom shot’ is the second shot trail passing through you and you taking (1476 thrust + 2048 nature damage)



most musket players use 300dex 150int and use a ele gem for the 150int perk

Look at the screenshot. you can clearly see two beams from his musket. both doing thrust damage. in the video you can see both come out of the musket at the same time while hes in shooters stance.

the 2 beams is a visual glitch when using shooters stance and the symbol on the right is nature damage

oh a visual glitch that only effects one person got it.

In the screenshot you can clearly see yourself taking 1476 thrust damage and 2048 nature damage

in your own words…

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yeah I just had some fucking tea and can see that its a leaf not an arrow.

still absolutely sus footage.

yeah no hate here just trying to help you understand and when you dont have good graphics you can see a double line

This is the only time ive ever seen it.

had it happen to me a couple of times mostly in wars and opr

Definitely looks really odd to me. I play OPR on a daily basis and encounter a ton of Musket players on my server, and something like this has definitely never happened to me. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.


I’m not saying you are wrong, but I will say that you have a bad habit of evading in one direction sometimes. It makes it easy to predict where you are going to be.

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I feel you. I recognize it and have been working on it but truth be told i spent this entire opr just recording and talking with ppl so I wasn’t really paying attention to it.