Figgy2shoes probably cheats - Ohonoo

Dang, kill a man 18 times in an opr when they run straight and become famous LOL. Thanks for getting my name our there Pointe! Any eSport teams need a pro musket? HMU

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yeah i think you and I both know how seriously I was taking that opr but go off.

Well this thread is escalating. Perhaps might make more sense to discuss things without a name attached to them, otherwise this is just gonna degrade into a flame fest I feel. Focus more on some of the details in the video. Then separately just report the player in-game.


Can confirm, visual glitch. I’ve done it a few times, but only procs once (thrust and ele gem)

He does it over and over which is odd though. I may have it happen once or twice over a few days.

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is he in shooter stance? that firing rate is alarming if it’s normal… Spear/musket user here with 1000 hours. I’d say yes, he’s using aimbot. It’s one of those things you can tell right off the bat. People who say “how can you prove that” are aimbotters as well.


He’s not cheating he’s just an aimer. I have thousands of hours in PC FPS gameplay and I know what hard/soft aimbotting looks like. Seen the man’s POV personally. He just has nuts aim. Maybe invest in some phys aversion armor for OPR?

Skip the aiming question.

I’ve used musket a lot and have yet to see my split damage go off in two different directions.

Nor have I noticed the ability to shoot that fast even with Shooter’s Stance. There is a definite if very tiny pause between shots that doesn’t appear to be occurring.

This is not an argument for the musket player cheating.

It could easily be a graphics glitch or an actual error on the part of the musket projectile.

phys/elemental aversion does little to help with muskets in light and medium tbh.

Honestly a meme this is still going. Not to ‘flame’ but anyone that puts a lot of time into this game is laughing at that clip. Potato graphics are giving you the double trail visual bug.

Some muskets are just good. Period. If you’re going to accuse someone of cheating and potentially wipe ALL the time they have put into the game, you have some concrete examples. Not just anecdotal ‘I cant shoot that fast with my musket’ child-like mentality.

Last time i am going to come to this dogshit forum post about a kid that is just terrible at the game. If this thread actually sees the light of day and a GM stumbles along and sees it he will just laugh at you. Also if you wanna see how much i actually miss i have hundreds of hours of gameplay footage on twitch. Twitch . crazy to me how i have been accused of aimbotting for a solid 5 months now straight but still havent been banned. smh


Nah man. My graphics are fine. If it’s a visual bug then it’s the server, not me.

This is facts, and I don’t have “concrete” evidence here I guess, does that mean that he isn’t doing questionable stuff? No.

I’m not accusing you of aim botting, but aim assist perhaps. That’s what “soft aim bot” is. You already know that though.

If you aren’t, cool. I realize that this isn’t concrete which is why I never formally reported.


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My chain nature musket has a second shot just like this one.

Not sure if it’s the elemental portion causing a visual bug. But I’m pretty sure that’s why that happens

At the end of the day, Figgy’s gotta be feeling really good about his marksman seeing posts like this. Whenever I get accused of cheating in a game I take it as a compliment. But can say without a doubt that he’s not cheating. Mans is just built different.



but also people who cheat dont really care about that lets be real.

you cant unless youre him or literally with him 100% of the time physically.

Pretty much

Can confirm

I didn’t know muskets can shoot that fast. I’m going to add fuel to the fire and say that musket need their damn shooting range shorten.