Finally a NICE and refreshing topic!

Dear Players,

I love the game!
Spend 766 hours hours in New World since release and still loving everything in it.
The grinds, the crafts, the pvp, the weapons…

I dont listen to the toxic (usually low levels) players in gc and the mute button is always there.
I am the kind of guy that never finds a bug or exploit cause it seems I play the game as intended.

Anyway… imho I do feel that the devs are listening and monitoring and taking action.
I wont bore people with a long story about it but they really do.

Dont let the trolls, haters or even banned people that come troll the forum now “get to you”.
Keep enjoying this game.

Its refreshing, its good and in my eyes… this is the wow killer alot of people have been waiting for.
So again… enjoy it and if u do enjoy, please give your support to the team!

Together we are the core of this survival!!!


There are toxic player sin GC? I never have it on if I can help it. I haven’t played a single game ever in 20+ years where Global Chat was worth the bandwidth


Im with Jack!! :+1: :clap:

Trolls incoming… 3… 2… :wink:

Well said.

on my small server GC is usually the only place you find enough people for running things XD

I thought this topic was going to be about seasonal apples.

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:rofl: Nice!

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