Finally... Brimstone in the news

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Is that an achievement or is that just advertising? I dont know.

Erm… advertising maybe? I mean… it’s an ad, about Brimstone.

Yeah thats just an advert website. Click baity af.

Oh that? It’s not clickbait. It’s just to an mmo website that announced Brimstone news. If you don’t want to click it, that’s fine. It’s not like I work for them or anything. Just found it while browsing the internet.

Its an agrigator. You click on one link usually from facebook or a simple google search. It has a short shpeel on what you googled and has a lot of ads to make revenue. It also has a few other click bait links to other sites nearly the exact same design which go to similar pages with short lazy mentions which are usually copy and pasted. Why they make these sites? Tracking cookies. They load you up on them.

Ah ok. It doesn’t do any of that when I click so I didn’t realize. If that’s the case then don’t click the link after all.

Apologies for any inconvenience there.

I appreciated it! I have yet to see an official date for the update anywhere on this forum. Thanks for sharing.

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Glad I was able to help someone at least :slight_smile:

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