Finally rewarding exploiters

Thank you AGS

If, and thats a big still not clarified if, your actual HWM does not get reset to 500 you do reward people who did exploit the hell out of the HWM grind.

If you revert to 500 all the grind people did was worthless and they will probably leave.

If not then congratulationšŸ„³ to those bold enough of killing kotemoc 100 times in the same genesis run.
CongratulationšŸ„³ to those noodle farmers before they changed the landscape. Lol you can actually still do it so nvm.
CongratulationšŸ„³ to the priest loopers before they fixed that aswell.

Just to name a fewā€¦


Amen brotha

oh please stop. thereā€™s been plenty of time to grind up your wm without using any exploit and thatā€™s how the majority of people have done it. why focus on the few that did it in a cheesy way and what does it even matter to you ?

Since i am 60 i have been doing these runs for weeks (wich felt like yars because itā€™s so boring) not daily simne i canā€™t play daily and i am not maxed. Maybe i did somethimg wrong? Oh yea wait there was somethimg i could have done (:

why do you have to be maxed ? getting your wm up is easyer after the update so hey good for you. youre going to have a better time getting higher wm then the people that already did it

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haha yep this will be my quitting patch for sure

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