Finally the Devs provide info on bans for duping

Looks good so far but I’ll still reserve judgment until they comment on supposedly banned players getting themselves unbanned and all duped goods restored.

GMs are unbanning players who duped - Game Support / English Support - New World Forums

And they are still silent on proof of bans for the invincibility cheats, magic staff machinegun macros, and various other cheats and exploits, especially after their fixes didn’t work.

props to AGS for explaining the issue and addressing voident armor and gold in the economy.


The proof in the thread u linked is a literal discord message. It’s not proof.

If you trust a random ss online more than the dev’s official info then this might not be the game for you.

Here let me show you:

“My character can fly like Superman, and so can everyone in my company!”

Doesn’t make it true.


I wouldn’t expect machine gun staff, invulnerability, etc to eat permanent bans as their effect is relatively temporary, yes you could use it to win a war but if you needed it to win the territory the likelihood of it staying yours once they fix the bug is probably low anyway so the permanent effect is likely very low.

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This gives me hope.

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Temporary? Tell it to servers that were griefed and destroyed after cheaters used cheats and exploits to take all Settlements and now use free Transfers to leave to a new server.

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I didn’t say it’s proof. But it, along with other testimony in that thread, deserves investigation.

Learn to read before trying to mock people.

Agree to disagree. They’d never have time if they had to investigate every random ss posted online.

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Get a life. Let it go. Find peace in friends and family.

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I believe the dev official response more than some random unproven conversation screenshotted online.

If they left and you can now take back the territories isnt that the definition of temporary?

Me too.

The statement we needed. The ‘perception’ that cheaters were getting away with it has now been cleared up. Devs punishes with bans and also item/gold removal. The antics to try and get unbanned are well documented in every game I have played. The attitude to banning ‘bad actors’ and stripping the gains from the world is what we wanted and now have.

Good news.

This thread will attract the usual - but what about…My friend Ken just did a hand stand and now he is unbanned. Whats really important is the attitude and acceptance levels of the Devs and it looks like 0.


The random claims of total strangers on the internet don’t require anything, and never have.


I agree.

It’s crazy how people are willing to believe random people on the internet over official news or dev posts.

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That’s fine and dandy… but when are they going to turn trading back on?

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Haha, have you paid attention the past few decades?


People honestly believe Bill Gates wanted to microchip us all…

Gamers are no different. They believe whatever fits their view, regardless of source.


So they are NOT banning duppers, only the most egreious, which is subjective. This is confirmation that cheaters arent getting permaban…

Given that that server has like 100 people left on it now, and will soon be yeeted into nonexistence, while said exploits reaped hundreds of thousands of coin that the company could use elsewhere… no. I would say the effects of the exploits/griefing were rather permanent.