Finding a Guild/Company - Heliopolis

Son and I just started NW again - nothing else out there! Our guild is playing Albion and we just can’t do it!

Recently played Crowfall since 3.0 for 5+ years so Full PVP loot guys but just here for the fun

Just hit our 40’s on Heliopolis so time to looking for some regualr guys to battle with.

Looking for Forums or Discord Channels to help with finding a good fit.

Ouch - Been doing google searches and not coming up with much for this

Any help on how to proceed appreciated

good luck Teufel Hunden

Hheheh thanks Jar head

Getting a little discourged

Questing sucks all to get to a “semi PVP” environment - and I can tell by the videos that team comps and comms is everything in this game…as with most i guess. Sucks my guild is playing Albion and we just can’t do that one

First game I can remember where I could not find some type of comms for a server or even simple guild recruitment

you might do well to search discord with your server name. most servers have faction and server wide discords that are open. could be some recruitment happening there.

Tried that - only found Vallhala, might have to switch servers


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