Finding Gift Glyph Stones

Have these (food and gift glyph stones) quit dropping or is the drop rate been drastically reduced? Over a week with trys multiple times daily and nothing…?

hermoplis is where it drops for gift glyph. i haven’t tried farming them for a while. Hoepfully it fixes the cost of them though

Gift and mountain have always been rarest I believe. Do you kill the mobs and loot the chests or just chest run the area?

Pretty sure the patch said the stones should come from chests as much as mobs now but they were coming more from mobs.

Personally think they should have upped rate for mob drop not equalize it. Everyone ignores mobs enough as it is.

youd go and just kill mobs with the mob spawn rate increasing as you get more and more people.

I take my small group and we take out everything mobs, chests and then go back in again and wipe everything again. After 3 complete wipes one of us got 1 gift glyph and as you know it takes 5 for a case.

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Well they can always disable the faster spawn rate thing now that the initial wave of questing is done. I dont recall there even being a quest mob there to worry about people needing spawned frequently.

Ya they’re def rare. I was doing mountain glyph farming pre patch and would usually get a whopping 1 maybe 2 per clear of the whole area.

No, you just need more people and spawns will increase .i farmed gift glyphs a lot its just been like a week since i went there. was good money making.

I need to retest though since past.

Thanks for the reply. It is true that it was a group of 3. I will attempt that

for fastest spawns , 2 groups i believe is necessary.

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