Finding Sheet Music

Is there somewhere to find info on the drop rates of sheet music? Or maybe we are just supposed to figure this out? We should see more information or Q/A to some of the patch notes unless a lot is just supposed to be figured out by the player. At least just a notice for what is supposed to be found out by the player. There are certain sheet music that you can not find in world or on market. Are they region based? Is it just random? Is there something that shows drop rates for these items?

There are sheets that drop from certain places/enemy and some from a specific type of mob. i.e. the Call of the Ancients only from Ancient enemies.

There are also some of these that only are obtainable at different times of the day. i.e. Ebonscale Moon is only dropable at night.

I’ve made it my mission to get all these sheets before I seriously start leveling the skill.

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