Fire Ball no critik, and...that it?

Ok so you cannot solve problem with Fireball critik before the 1.1 and you decide to make 22 nerfs to the mage.
ok we undertand you are really focus to nerf as much as possible and because you cannot solve the fireball critik you finnaly REMOVE critik

But WHEN do you resolve it ?
You really thing the probleme is solve ??? SERIOUSLY ???
It’s crazy WHY a ONLY ONE skill CANNOT CRITIK ???

I repeat you don t solve the problem you just evade but perhaps now it s time to work on it

Can we have any reason to understand WHY you remove ALL CRITIK from fireball and only this one ??

it’s perfect no sence


I chuckled.
Not because you are funny but because of your somewhat broken English.
I don’t mean it as an insult. It’s clearly not your main language and you made an effort :).
Regarding your complaint, as far as I know fireballs never critted it just looked like they did.

ofc i m not native english langage
But why ALL skills can critk EXEPT ONLY this one !!!
It s a joke, it s just because they cannot resolve a bug it s so obvious

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it doesn’t really make any sense, this skill does less damage than a normal attack.


What I am saying is: they consider it a feature.
You can argue that it’s wrong.

Please make Fireball great again.

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you forget burning zone … 30 dgt/s sec on 1.5m2 …AMAZING !!!


they have no idea about what theyre doing


Fire Ball used to be indispensable part of my Fire Staff kit, to being absolute crap tier. I barely do more than a light attack with it.

Please bring back crits, it makes no sense that FS is built around crits but half the abilities don’t crit??

lets have a perk that increase ability crit chance…and put in the tree with an ability that we programmed to never crit…wait wut did you just program here?

It did crit many people tested it. There was an orange number bug, but it also could crit.

Also tldr from op is firestaff is bad and he’s right

Clear casting is still broken (-5% base damage due to a dysfunctional passive)

Empowered fireball is actual garbage (applies before multipliers) enjoy 100 more damage

Crit nerfs just made it worse.

I have 400 int in light armor and it feels like a nerf gun, please fix this weapon

Whether it critted or not doesn’t matter IMO.

I was easily doing 2-3k per Fireball pre-patch. Now I am lucky if I ever hit 1.8k+.

And this is with more Int than before (380+ vs. 330 of pre-patch).

Fireball is nerfed very very heavily.

Yeah it’s garbage. Pillar of fire also does the same damage as a heavy attack outside of rune even after the buff lmao.

It doesn’t make logical sense to have FB do such small damage. I mean why even bother having it in your rotation when light attack is just as good? It’s poorly thought out like most changes to the game lately. In fact heavy attack is also a waste. It barely does more damage than a light attack but takes two or three time as long to cast. So just fire three light attacks in the same amount of time and do more damage.

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yeah heavy attacks need to be brought up

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