Fire Staff Build

Hi Guys!
I am currently a lvl 10 fire mage. Is ist just me, or has anyone else the feeling as well that the fire staff / mage is completely ‘underpowered’?
I get much higher hits with a sword, than with the fire staff…


Yeah, the problem on previous tests was that fire staff was op, now it feels like it is underpowered.


Yes I wanted to use the fire staff too, but fighting a group of melee enemies with it is just impractical. I’ve had to switch back to the sword for now as it takes them out in 2/3 hits and the fire staff is just like ‘pew pew pew’ for minutes on end whilst the enemy is slicing your face off. I wondered if I was just doing it wrong, but I guess not then.


Haha… yes… exactly!!
So for now, you think a good 2nd weapon for fire staff is sword and shield?
Some suggestions were ice or warhammer as the second weapon… Not sure whats best. I guess something that has good blocking ability?

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Low damage and hard to hit moving targets, even with the basic attack. You have that fire delay, and then you have a slow traveling projectile. Good luck hitting anything with that in PVP.


Yeah right now the fire staff isn’t great but if I had to pair it with something it would be the rapier.

The rapier is in a really good place, scales off dex and int and literally all of the skills are useful in one way or another.

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Fire Staff is fun in pve but is kinda clunky in pvp, it feels more like a large scale weapon. The ice gauntlet paired with a rapier is a nice alternative in small scale although the gauntlet spells are easy to play around (at least at low lvl).

I mained a Fire Staff in Alpha all the way to 60. It was, in my opinion. the best weapon in the game for how I like to play PvE solo. I felt it was simply amazing, but honestly not nearly as OP as people made it out to be. You had serious drawbacks against ranged enemies, while you were able to easily kite large groups of melee enemies.

Since this past Christmas, though, the Fire Staff has been neutered so badly that I’ve almost given up on it. I’m trying my best to enjoy it and “make it work”, but it just feels so, so, so worthless compared to almost any other weapon now. I sincerely hope that the Devs can tune this weapon back up to something worth using. Give Burn Out the fire on the ground and slow/snare effect again. Improve the damages, or at least eliminate the mana cost for light and hard attacks. You already have a hard enough time to hit with ranged weapons. There’s no reason to tax the mana on them.

I have found it gets slightly better with INT scaling as you level, but yes it feels underpowered compared to melee weapons certainly, and also compared to the ice gauntlet.

I’m only level 12 but I think Fire Staff may be the weakest weapon in the game by far at this point, and I’ve tried them all repeatedly.

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Level 12 means practically nothing. Upgrade your firestaff to something level appropriate then come back to it.

Yeah the Fire Staff need a pretty big buff to be competitive. Me with a high affinity toward the Mage playstyle. It puts me into a depressive state to know that my choices are either just be a bottom feeder, or play another title where the mage playstyle is competitive.

Sorry but as a caster at heart. I feel kinda bamboozled right now.

Are you guys just face checking mobs?

Kiting is a huge advantage of mage combat. The damage reduction and issues with pvp do exist. Mostly because balancing weapons is difficult for pvp and it’s easy for a weapon with aoe range to become overpowered. I am sure they’re being cautious because the Fire staff was over tuned for a bit.

But with pve content you can just kite and avoid the mobs easily. It’s a little weak early but as you build up INT the damage gap closes. One issue players have is they miss a lot of ranged attacks while they’re learning the game. This will nerf your damage a lot. With practice and putting points in INT players should start to notice a difference.

I think they wanted to tone it down so if any changes were needed after launch they’d be buffing the weapon. Players are a lot more receptive to buffing weapons then nerfing them.

There’s going to be players who grow attached and crutch OP weapons and struggle when they get nerfed.
I recommend not getting to attached to weapons or skills too early and just try different builds while they balance things out.

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No idea if this will still prove to be true since I’m no longer level 60 with max GS weapons but based on all my time testing since last October I can say that in the past there is a HUGE difference in < level 60 and level 60.

I have noticed though that Incinerate seems to “miss” a lot even though the target(s) are clearly within the visual representation of the skill. Not sure if that was because of the hitching and desync I noted last night, if there’s actually an issue with the skill or if the visual radius of the skill is larger than the actual radius of the skill.

I also think the Fire Staff / Mage is underpowered, but honestly it’s the beta and i’m still under level 10 so i’m going to stick with it to see how it goes. Hopefully it gets intense! :slight_smile:

Incinerate does miss mobs during certain of their animations - certainly their grit attacks but other times too. IG attacks still bounce off enemies randomly (but this is a FS post so will ignore all the issues with that weapon).

FS is fine, but you will want to combo it with another weapon (like IG or w/e else as long as you slot an int gem in it).

Early on it is indeed tougher as you will be mana starved (I recommend potions and using the mana regen food as it stacks with healing food). Higher levels, once you get the int perks it will be a lot better. You can also choose the mana regen passive or use entomb from IG to regen mana too.

And like @Weyseccsi said, kiting is your friend. I killed a lvl 34 elite last night at lvl 28 and didn’t get hit. And I can routinely clear groups of normal mobs that are 5 levels higher than me (as long as they aren’t all archers).

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Incinerate “missing” that I noted last night was different than I’ve ever seen it.

I’d kited mobs down to ~15% HP, gathered them all up, used Incinerate and other than the visual effect nothing happened. The mob(s) took no damage at all. Their HP bar didn’t drop and there were no damage numbers displayed.

As I said, I don’t know if that was due to the desync I was getting last night, fighting with S&S was terrible, but it was definitely something I hadn’t noted before going back to October.