FIRE STAFF does not need a buff, but neither a nerf!

Then make post about what is wrong and dont call FT op couse its not. ITs same lvl as LMB.

You think most mages use FT couse they like it? No. But we cant play close combat with all mele gap closures, cc and slows any other way. Also PoF is more fun but overall its less dmg over time you can do + you have to land it.

Wana know how mages were forced into FT?

“Tomb to op, nerf!”
“ice shower broken, nerf!”
“light armor op, nerf!”

So here wre are. Playing FT and BB.

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I mean it’s still an op skill cause of that. Like if it worked similar to how the ig version works it wouldnt be bad I don’t think. But im not going to defend that skill man I can’t just as I can’t defend lmb guys lol. Plus a lot of people are toxic on here and dont listen, so im just at the point where im going to sit back play every now and then till this game dies out in the next couple months. Just the sad reality of it, I said my peace

No its not and i probed you by comparing it to mele LMB light attack dmg. ITs not worse or better. Just different version of LMB spam - minus mele slow - and does cost you 1/6 of skill slots.

It would be op if it would do like 300% base dmg vs mele light attack 150%. But its not the case.

Now look other side. When mele does connect im perm slowed. Feeling is like having FT on you bout you cant dodge out of it. Imagine FT but with out burning stacks, but 50% mele slow that stays 1.5sec and does refresh every second FT dmg tick.

Comparable as in brain dead yes. The perma slow thing needs to go. I mean even if a skill don’t do crazy dmg it can still be op. Ft Dps is nothing to joke about. When you getting perma slowed by a melee and have an ft spammer on you I guarantee you will have not a good time. 1v1 is more manageable, but realistically this ain’t a 1v1 game. Ft can be absurd in 1v1 depending on the match up and how good the mage player is. For example when I used it I would just hold it up on a healer cause they have no way to counter it and you can truely see how much that skill can apply pressure. You know a skill is op if it can get a healer to leave a healing circle lmao. But ft against stun lockers wouldn’t be fun I’m sure but realistically it’s not fun for anyone. Like I said it’s not just FT, but it is certainly one of many issues to why pvp sucks right now

In reality fireball is the only reliable skill on FS, miss it and you won’t kill anyone that know how to play the game.

Left click attacks on meele weapons are in fact relevant, they slow the target, they are fast, deals more damage than most skills and makes part of the weapons combo. They are basically a fourth skill, specially on warhammer and sns.

All magic weapons left clicks doesn’t add too much value, 40m, low damage, no slow, long animation, we can’t trade blows with it, use a rapier/fs build and you will get what i’m saying, how the left click is a game changer, that the will miss a lot of kills if we miss the only left click you attack we have.

I think all ranged weapons were intended to be
Supportive/burst weapons and players found ways to play then as main dps, so devs got lost on their job and now they’re trying to make the game brainless left click meele spammer again.

Oh yeah. In order to pull off anything with rapier/fs outside of 1v1 to 3v3 scenarios nowadays you need to sacrifice a lot of con and have exceptional movement.

Magic weapon heavy attacks should all have an extra OOMPH added.

FS: Landing a heavy attack causes a 1s delayed explosion, dealing 50% damage in a 3m AoE.

IG: 3m AoE 20% slow for 2 sec.

VG: 3m AoE 20% weak or heal reduc

LS: Mini chain heal, chains to up to 3 allies (max range 5m from target) for a 25% heal.

Just spitballing.

But it would be SOMETHING to use these over melee and still be efficient.

The light roll nerf is not a big deal by itself, the problem is that GS is truly a mid range weapon at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

FT WAS truly an impactful skill before BUT it is NOT anymore (empower nerf…)

Now, the main problem with FT is that as a Fire Mage, you are required (for competitive war slotting purposes) to use FT because your other 3 skills (meteor/incinerate/pillar) are irrelevant.

Don’t care much if they nerf FT BUT they need to give us another viable skill for PVP…

Tree issues:
What other weapon has 2 useless ultimates for PVP?

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I heard fire staff is OP from some guy that killed by flamethrower. Don’t know what that’s like lol.