Fire staff, Ice gauntlet, Void gauntlet, Rapier whinning a bit

I didn’t add lifestaff in this list, because it has it own problems as a weapon, class etc etc.
So these 4 weapons are mainly considered as a mage class.
Next update Firestaff getting boosted while Void, Ice and rapier getting nerfed.
I have on Ice like 900h. + of playtime.

Now to the point.

For me mage class is a light armor with long range damage weapon and some survivability or CC.

Fire staff - it doesn’t need boost, it is fine as it is in my opinion. If you fix pillar of fire animation canceling its perfect weapon.

Void - needs a nerf.

Rapier - needs a nerf, but overnerfing movement tree you have to boost bleed tree, otherwise its useless.

Ice - Again ice is nerfed. I will stop here a bit. Now you all think, OMG stop whinning GA is nerfed… But look from my perspective as and Ice mage. Skills that I can play:

Wind chill - useless
Ice spike - probably very weak after update, because it needs close range and you are too squishy for it.
Ice storm - probably decent, but lately everyone is gearing and that bubble doing like 180 a thick and it doesn’t stack anymore.
Ice shower - Perfect ability.
Ice pylon - too easy to counter, PVE skill.
Ice block - Good skill for cooldowns. Mana regen nerfed too much on this one in my opinion.
So strongest skills are defensive ones - Ice block, Ice shower.

Now this weapon don’t have offensive side. So at least make it auto attack weapon. It also has the worst DPS from range because of auto attack speed. Solution might be to bring back the old heavy attack time so at least we can make a root from the ice and make it only full CC weapon. Yes I ask for one 1 s root which u have to aim to get.

Mage class getting nerfed like third patch in a row right? First one was 17 nerfs and still top class to play in wars back then was bruiser. Like this competitive meta will never switch. Never. OPR is not competitive.

So all in all with the PTR changes mages are not comming back. Its okey for me if that is dev idea, but just explain me one thing. Why every weapon gets nerfed but not the freaking War Hammer?

Below whinning part.
P. S. The only way in wars to get out of that CC chain as a light armor mage was rapier, now with those cooldown I will get smashed to the ground 100% and I don’t have a threat to give them back, because ice offensive tree is nerfed. So i’m left with two weapons void and fire. Its two different weapons. U play void in close range with heavy or medium. Fire is long range but it has no control or survivability. So both of these needs ice or rapier to pair. Rapier is kinda out with cooldowns. So nothing changed > Fire + Ice is the only mage class in the game. Which is sad well kinda sad there could be none.

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