Fire Staff's Meteor Shower and Fireball sucks

As a mage that’s been playing since day 1, I haven’t been complaining much about the IG/FS nerfs.

Fire Staff damage was reduced about 30% across the board. But I didn’t complain too much.

But man, does Fire Ball and Meteor Shower suck now.

Meteor Shower’s only real utility is to puff up damage in Wars on point. It doesn’t actually do any good damage at all. It damages slower than Ice Storm, while not having any of the benefits that Storm has such as being able to attack.

Fire Ball went from one of the better mage abilities to absolute trash tier, doing damage between a light attack and heavy attack. For a class that is built around crits, the fact that it can’t crit, boggles my mind. I have tested this on people and dummies and I do less damage with Fire Ball than a heavy non-crit. It’s so bad now.

The majority of the Fire Staff’s abilities actually are pretty bad. Incinerate is pretty useless and doesn’t work half the time. Flamethrower while buffed is still a joke.

This really makes just Pillar of Fire + Burn Out that’s really viable and has major impact on a FS’ kit.

Please devs, consider adding some MINOR buffs to these abilities. At least let Fire Ball crit so you know, we can use the crit perks on our kit. And maybe buff the damage a bit with Meteor Shower, or just make it so you can do other stuff while casting.


Meteor should do 220% damage over 3 meteor strikes and should not be channeled. IT should be a very high damage, very high cd (20-25 sec)

Flamestrike needs another 1-2m radius, and should have one of its talents change to “deal more damage to targets above 50% Health” or “below 30%”.

Also have to love how as a “ranged” class over half of our skills require us to go into melee range.

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Amen, it’s a shower of meteor’s after all. That right there says it should be doing big numbers.

meteor shower should be a 1 or 2 second cast, then stop casting and allow movement while still channeling the rest of the ability where you dropped it, exactly like ice storm. You can instantly drop ice storm and move around and cast other stuff. It’s so dumb how meteor shower doesn’t do the same thing.

This game just have no place for channeling skills of any kind - mobility in this game is king, standing still for any amount of time just = death given the amount of stuns and shit there is.

The fact that burnout, a fucking mobility ability has a 2 second cast is just laughable.

yeah when charge is instant lol. i get charge is melee but dam burnout needs a reduction or grit

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