Fire/Life Staff rapid fire

So is anything going to be done with the rapid fire macro exploit?

I’ve been reporting everyone I see using it but I cant seem to find any post suggesting it will be fixed. Its a clear exploit of mechanics and causing a lot of BS in outpost rush.

You realise you don’t need a macro to do it?

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Hey don’t worry, they did something to Fire Staff light attack targeting, most Light Attacks, even if correctly aimed, don’t hit the target anymore.

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you do not need a macro to do
u can simply move ur fingers fast enough to click it, an cancel the animation. alot ppl cancel multiple animations out there this one is just really noticeable. ppl cancel great axe and hammer animations all the time by weapons. they also cancel animations when roll to.

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I know it can be done with good skilled players but you can tell the difference between a player and a macro, the people that do it legit I have respect for but the macro is 2x as fast

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